Volume 88 LXXXVIII (2023)

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The Uffington White Horse Complex as a Winter Solstice Sunrise Observatory. By Ian Godfrey1READ
The Site of St Frideswide's Minster Debated. By John Blair and Alan Crossley17READ
The Mysterious Lawyer: The Tomb Effigy of an Unidentified Man of Law at Deddington. By Nigel Saul35READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2022. By Victoria Green and Richard Oram and Steven Weaver47READ
Religious Rivalry in Victorian Cowley St John and its Legacy. By Emily Greig49READ
Prehistoric Landscape and Late Iron Age Agriculture South of Banbury: Excavations at Wykham Park Farm and Bloxham Road. By Andrew Simmonds and Claire Finn, Kate Brady and Gerry Thacker73READ
Neolithic Occupation, a Later Bronze Age Enclosure and Other Remains East of Southam Road, Banbury. By Gail Wakeham and Tom Wells109READ
Excavation of Late Neolithic and Early Iron Age Settlement at Highworth Road, Faringdon. By David Sanchez163READ
A Neolithic Burial and Prehistoric to Anglo-Saxon Activity at Polar Technology, Eynsham. By Andrew Simmonds and Gerry Thacker191READ
An Eighth- to Seventh-Century BC Pit Cluster and a Middle Iron Age Boundary Ditch: Further Excavation at Chinham Farm Extension, Bowling Green Farm Quarry, Faringdon. By Maisie Foster and Andrew Mundin and David Sanchez227READ
Middle Iron Age to Roman Settlement at Swan School and Meadowbrook College, New Marston. By Jo Barker257READ
Late Neolithic to Beaker-Period Activity and a Mid Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Sutton Road, Milton. By Andrew Hood293READ
Excavations at St Georges Road, Wallingford: Evidence for a Complex Sequence of Defences near to the West Gate of the Late Anglo-Saxon Burh. By Andrew Hood323READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2022. By David Radford343READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2022. By Edward Caswell351READ
Oxfordshire Museums Service, 2022. By Angie Bolton359READ
A First-Hand Account of Daily Life in Woodstock Union Workhouse in the High Victorian Period. By Julie Ann Godson361READ
A Nineteenth-Century Livery Stable and the Morris Garage Workshop: Investigations at the Morris Building, Longwall Street, Oxford. By Steven Teague and Ben M. Ford365READ
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