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IntroductoryH. E. SalterI41936READ
Round Barrows and Ring-Ditches in Berkshire and OxfordshireE. T. LeedsI71936READ
The Roman Villa at Ditchley, OxonC. A. Ralegh RadfordI241936READ
A Late Roman Coin-Hoard from Kiddington, OxonC. H. V. SutherlandI701936READ
Two Romano-British Potters' Fields near OxfordD. B. HardenI811936READ
St. Frideswide and her TimesF. M. StentonI1031936READ
The Hundred Outside the North Gate of OxfordH. M. CamI1131936READ
The Churches of BixE. A. Greening LambornI1291936READ
College Muniments: A Preliminary NoteW. A. PantinI1401936READ
A Second Elizabethan Mural Painting at No. 3, Cornmarket Street, OxfordE. T. LeedsI1441936READ
The Royal Visit to Oxford in 1636A. J. TaylorI1511936READ
Archbishop Laud and the University Collection of CoinsJ. G. MilneI1591936READ
A Contemporary Map of the Defences of Oxford in 1644R. T. Lattey, E. J. S. Parsons et alI1611936READ
Francis Wise, B. D.S. GibsonI1731936READ
Old Houses in OxfordI1961936READ
The Oxford City DitchI2021936READ
A XVI-Century FireplaceI2021936READ
Old Houses on the Site of the Bodleian ExtensionI2021936READ
Medieval Tiles found at Adderbury, OxonI2021936READ
XIII-Century Wall Paintings in Kelmscott Church, OxonI2021936READ
The Oxford Historical SocietyI2031936READ
The Vignette on the Cover of OxoniensiaI2031936READ
An Early Iron Age Site at Long WittenhamH. N. SavoryII11937READ
A Prehistoric and Roman Site on Mount Farm, DorchesterJ. N. L. MyresII121937READ
The Defences of Roman DorchesterA. H. A. Hogg, C. E. StevensII411937READ
Excavations on Grim's Dyke, North OxfordshireD. B. HardenII741937READ
A Local Collection of Coins from Tackley, OxfordJ. G. Milne, C. H. V. SutherlandII931937READ
A Wolvercote Coin-Hoard of the Time of the Civil WarsC. H. V. SutherlandII1011937READ
The Alien Priory of Minster LovellA. J. TaylorII1031937READ
The Anthropology of Mediaeval OxfordL. H. Dudley BuxtonII1181937READ
The Muniments of Corpus Christi CollegeJ. G. MilneII1291937READ
Burford Bridge, AbingdonJ. J. Leeming, H. E. SalterII1341937READ
Oxford Army List for 1642-1646F. J. VarleyII1411937READ
River Navigation at Oxford during the Civil War and CommonwealthI. G. PhilipII1521937READ
Lining Papers from Corpus Christi CollegeA. J. B. WaceII1661937READ
The Recently Demolished Houses in Broad Street, OxfordW. A. PantinII1711937READ
Archaeological NotesII2011937READ
The Kiddington Coin-HoardII2031937READ
CorrigendaH. E. SalterII2031937READ
A Manuscript of Dorchester AbbeyH. E. SalterII2041937READ
Mural Paintings in Eynsham ChurchE. T. LongII2041937READ
The Ruins of Beaumont PalaceE. A. Greening LambornII2051937READ
Further Notes on de Gomme's Plan of Oxford, 1644F. J. VarleyII2071937READ
The Sub-Committee for Old HousesII2081937READ
Oxfordshire 'Old Times' ExhibitionII2091937READ
'Bodleian Extension' ExhibitionII2091937READ
The Geology of the Site of the Bodleian Extension in Broad StreetW. J. ArkellIII11938READ
Beakers of the Upper Thames DistrictE. T. LeedsIII71938READ
Further Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, BerksE. T. LeedsIII311938READ
A Romano-British Site at Bloxham, OxonW. F. J. KnightIII411938READ
The Pre-Reformation Sites of the Oxford BlackfriarsW. A. HinnebuschIII571938READ
Notes on the History of Mediaeval OxfordM. D. LobelIII831938READ
Two Effigies in the Churches of Asthall and Cogges in OxfordshireE. R. PriceIII1031938READ
The Oxfordshire County Records Office and its RecordsH. M. WaltonIII1111938READ
Cropredy BridgeM. R. Toynbee, J. J. LeemingIII1231938READ
The Woodstock Glove IndustryT. E. SchulzIII1391938READ
Glass Vessels of the XVI Century and later from the Site of the Bodleian Extension in Broad StreetE. T. LeedsIII1531938READ
The Centenary of the SocietyIII1621938READ
Archaeological NotesIII1631938READ
Four Polished Stone AxesE. T. LeedsIII1681938READ
Marks seen from the Air in the Crops near Dorchester, OxonG. W. G. AllenIII1691938READ
Three Ancient British Coins found in OxfordshireC. H. V. SutherlandIII1711938READ
Finds made during Building-works in the City of OxfordIII1721938READ
Four Mediaeval Bronze BucklesE. T. LeedsIII1741938READ
The Ancient Clock from Combe Church, OxonD. B. HardenIII1751938READ
Further Notes on de Gomme's Plan of Oxford, 1644F. J. VarleyIII1751938READ
Note on the Royalist Defences of OxfordR. T. LatteyIII1771938READ
The Sub-Committee for Old HousesIII1771938READ
Excavations at Frilford, Berks, 1937-8J. S. P. Bradford, R. G. GoodchildIV11939READ
Burford PrioryW. H. GodfreyIV711939READ
The Archaeology of the Site of the Bodleian Extension in Broad Street, OxfordR. L. S. Bruce-MitfordIV891939READ
Oxford in 1699J. A. W. BennettIV1471939READ
The City Wall and Ditch in the Clarendon QuadrangleJ. DaniellIV1531939READ
Peel and the Oxford University Election of 1829N. GashIV1621939READ
The Oxford Architectural and Historical Society, 1839-1939W. A. PantinIV1741939READ
The Centenary of the SocietyIV1951939READ
Archaeological NotesIV1951939READ
The Site of Cherbury CampW. J. ArkellIV1961939READ
Finds made during Building-works in the City of OxfordIV1971939READ
Mediaeval Finds in New College, OxfordIV1981939READ
A 16th-century Oxford CollectorJ. G. MilneIV1991939READ
New Discoveries of Neolithic Pottery in OxfordshireE. T. LeedsV11940READ
The Excavation of Cherbury Camp, 1939J. S. P. BradfordV131940READ
Two Saxon Cemeteries in North OxfordshireE. T. LeedsV211940READ
The Excavations at Seacourt, Berks., 1939R. L. S. Bruce MitfordV311940READ
Eleventh- and Twelfth- Century Pottery from the Oxford RegionR. L. S. Bruce Mitford, E. M. JopeV421940READ
Muniments of Holy Trinity Priory, WallingfordJ. G. MilneV501940READ
The Arms on the Chaucer Tomb at EwelmeE. A. Greening LambornV781940READ
Brian TwyneS. GibsonV941940READ
Henry Aldrich, Dean of Christ ChurchE. F. A. SuttleV1151940READ
The Coin Collection of Christ Church, OxfordC. H. V. SutherlandV1401940READ
The Oxford Architectural and Historical Society and the Oxford MovementS. L. OllardV1461940READ
The Society in WartimeV1611940READ
Archaeological NotesD. B. HardenV1611940READ
Cropmarks seen from the air, Northfield Farm, Long Wittenham, BerksG. W. G. AllenV1641940READ
The Geological origin of four stone axes found in the Oxford DistrictD. B. HardenV1651940READ
The Frilford Site-a PostscriptC. E. StevensV1661940READ
Blue Pigment of Roman date from WoodeatonE. M. Jope, G. HuseV1671940READ
Archaeological Finds in the City of OxfordD. B. HardenV1671940READ
A 15th century Hoard from Thame, Oxon.E. T. LeedsV1691940READ
A Royal Coat of Arms in the Clarendon Hotel, OxfordP. S. SpokesV1691940READ
Shilton BridgeJ. J. LeemingV1701940READ
Cast-iron Water-pipes from Woodstock, Oxon.D. B. HardenV1711940READ
Jackson's Oxford JournalV1711940READ
The late Major G. W. G. Allen, M. C., F. S. A.V1721940READ
The Roman Tessellated Pavement at Stonesfield, Oxon.M. V. TaylorVI11941READ
A Romano-British Potters' Field at Cowley, Oxon.R. J. C. AtkinsonVI91941READ
Notley AbbeyW. A. PantinVI221941READ
17th and 18th Century Wine-Bottles of Oxford TavernsE. T. LeedsVI441941READ
The Oriel College Lawsuit, 1724-26F. J. VarleyVI561941READ
John Burton, D. D., one of the Founders of the Colony of GeorgiaH. B. FantVI701941READ
Archaeological NotesJ. S. P. Bradford, J. M. MorrisVI841941READ
Romano-British Skeletons from CowleyVI891941READ
Archaeological Finds in the City of OxfordE. M. JopeVI891941READ
An Oxford GoldsmithE. Alfred JonesVI901941READ
Benjamin WebbC. C. J. WebbVI911941READ
The Arms of the Fisher FamilyJ. L. MyresVI911941READ
The Victoria County History, Oxfordshire, vol. IVI911941READ
Place-Names and Topography in the Upper Thames Country: a Regional EssayW. J. ArkellVII11942READ
Archaeological Sites on Port Meadow, OxfordR. J. C. AtkinsonVII241942READ
An Early Iron Age Site at Allen's Pit, DorchesterJ. S. P. BradfordVII361942READ
Two Early Saxon Cemeteries at Cassington, OxonE. T. Leeds, M. RileyVII611942READ
Some Recent Finds of Mediaeval PotteryE. M. JopeVII711942READ
Tackley's Inn, OxfordW. A. PantinVII801942READ
Three Letters of Dr. Richard TrafflesH. G. RawlinsonVII931942READ
Archaeological NotesE. T. Leeds, J. C. P. BradfordVII1021942READ
The Campbell Thompson collection of Stone ImplementsE. T. LeedsVII1041942READ
Excavations in Smith's Pit II, Cassington, Oxon.D. B. HardenVII1041942READ
Iron Age Pottery from Chinnor, Oxon.P. Crossley-HollandVII1081942READ
The Akeman Street near Crawley, Oxon.R. J. C. AtkinsonVII1091942READ
Crop-marks in the Upper Thames Valley seen from the Air during 1942P. N. RileyVII1111942READ
Leathern Jack of the Joiners' Guild of OxfordE. T. LeedsVII1141942READ
An 18th Century Wallet of the Whorwood FamilyE. T. LeedsVII1141942READ
Palaeoliths from the Wallingford Fan-GravelsW. J. ArkellVIII-IX11943READ
Excavations at Stanton Harcourt, Oxon., 1940W. F. GrimesVIII-IX191943READ
Archaeology from the Air in the Upper Thames ValleyD. N. RileyVIII-IX641943READ
Mediaeval Pottery from Merton College, OxfordE. M. JopeVIII-IX1021943READ
The Alleged Migration of the University of Oxford to Northampton in 1264F. M. PowickeVIII-IX1071943READ
Stained Glass from Notley AbbeySt. J. O. GamlenVIII-IX1121943READ
The Building of Cardinal College, OxfordJ. G. Milne, J. H. HarveyVIII-IX1371943READ
An Oxford City Election in 1687 as depicted by Egbert Van HeemskerkH. S. RogersVIII-IX1541943READ
Drawings by J. B. Malchair in Corpus Christi CollegeH. MinnVIII-IX1591943READ
The Foundation and History of the Camden ChairH. Stuart JonesVIII-IX1691943READ
Archaeological NotesE. T. Leeds, R. J. C. AtkinsonVIII-IX1931943READ
Archaeological Finds in the City of OxfordVIII-IX2021943READ
The East Gate of OxfordR. L. RickardVIII-IX2031943READ
Robert Streater and All Souls College ChapelM. R. ToynbeeVIII-IX2051943READ
The Oriel College Lawsuit, 1724-26F. J. VarleyVIII-IX2061943READ
Geology and Prehistory from the Train, Oxford-PaddingtonW. J. ArkellX11945READ
Excavations at Stanton Harcourt, Oxon, 1940, IID. B. Harden, R. C. TreweeksX161945READ
The Oxford Career of Robert GrossetesteD. A. CallusX421945READ
A Civil War Battery at Cornbury, OxfordshireB. H. St. J. O'NeilX731945READ
The Diary of an Oxfordshire RectorH. MinnX791945READ
Archaeological NotesR. J. C. Atkinson, P. M. M. CrouchX931945READ
Recent Mediaeval Finds in the Oxford AreaE. M. JopeX961945READ
An Anglo-Saxon MoneyerJ. G. MilneX991945READ
Minster Lovell in 1602W. O. HassallX1011945READ
Oxfordshire Traders' TokensJ. G. MilneX1041945READ
Chipping Norton Vicarage in 1683D. M. BarrattX1051945READ
Oxoniensia: Volumes II-VX1071945READ
Forthcoming Volumes of OxoniensiaX1071945READ
A Palaeolith from the Hanborough TerraceW. J. ArkellXI-XII11946READ
A Middle Bronze Age Barrow at Cassington, Oxon.R. J. C. AtkinsonXI-XII51946READ
A Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Site on Standlake Downs, Oxon.D. N. RileyXI-XII271946READ
Excavations at Langford Downs, oxon. (near Lechlade) in 1943A. WilliamsXI-XII441946READ
Gloucester CollegeW. A. PantinXI-XII651946READ
The Chronology of Perpendicular Architecture in OxfordR. H. C. DavisXI-XII751946READ
The Family of Dormer in Oxfordshire and BuckinghamshireM. MaclaganXI-XII901946READ
The Inventory of John English, B. C. L., Fellow of St. John's CollegeW. C. CostinXI-XII1021946READ
Charles I and the Perrots of NorthleighM. R. ToynbeeXI-XII1321946READ
Notes on some Christ Church Portraits, including one of Oriel and two of Pembroke CollegeW. G. HiscockXI-XII1471946READ
A Manuscript History of SummertownH. MinnXI-XII1521946READ
Archaeological Notes, 1946R. J. C. Atkinson, A. McKenzieXI-XII1621946READ
Archaeological Notes, 1947R. J. C. AtkinsonXI-XII1631946READ
Recent Mediaeval finds in the Oxford DistrictE. M. Jope, R. I. ThrelfallXI-XII1651946READ
The Treacher Collection of Middle Thames PalaeolithsW. J. ArkellXI-XII1711946READ
More Palaeoliths from the Wallingford Fan-gravelsW. J. ArkellXI-XII1731946READ
A Ring-ditch at Long Hanborough, Oxon.D. B. HardenXI-XII1751946READ
Iron Age Pottery from Yarnton, Oxon.: further notesA. W. G. Lowther, J. S. P. BradfordXI-XII1751946READ
A Roman Altar from Bablock Hythe, Oxon.M. V. TaylorXI-XII1811946READ
The Ancient Clock from Combe Church, Oxon. : a further noteD. B. HardenXI-XII1811946READ
The Centenary of the Buckinghamshire Architectural and Archaeological SocietyD. B. HardenXI-XII1821946READ
Oxford ReplannedD. B. HardenXI-XII1831946READ
Oxoniensia: volumes II-VXI-XII1831946READ
Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berkshire, 1944A. WilliamsXIII11948READ
A Prehistoric and Roman Site at Wittenham Clumps, BerksP. P. RhodesXIII181948READ
A Romano-British Pottery Kiln on Foxcombe Hill, Berks.F. WillettXIII321948READ
The Building of the Schools QuadrangleI. G. PhilipXIII391948READ
The Building-stones of Blenheim Palace, Cornbury Park, Glympton Park and Heythrop House, OxfordshireW. J. ArkellXIII491948READ
Port Meadow RacesE. H. Cordeaux, D. H. MerryXIII551948READ
The National GridR. J. C. AtkinsonXIII661948READ
Archaeological NotesR. J. C. AtkinsonXIII661948READ
Recent Mediaeval Finds in the Oxford RegionE. M. JopeXIII671948READ
The Property of St. Mary Clerkenwell in the South MidlandsW. O. HassallXIII731948READ
St. Mary the Virgin Church, OxfordW. C. WalkerXIII741948READ
A Fragment of Romano-British Sculpture from LechladeM. V. TaylorXIII761948READ
Papists in early eighteenth-century OxfordshireW. O. HassallXIII761948READ
The Effigy of John Crocker at Exeter CollegeJ. T. Egg, F. MaddisonXIII821948READ
The Mediaeval Records of the Corporation of WallingfordM. McKisackXIII841948READ
Bronzes from Woodeaton, OxonJ. R. KirkXIV11949READ
Radcot Bridge and NewbridgeM. R. ToynbeeXIV461949READ
Oxford Coin-collectors of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth CenturiesJ. Grafton MilneXIV531949READ
William Byrd, Stonecutter and MasonJ. C. ColeXIV631949READ
Archaeological Notes, 1949R. J. C. Atkinson, J. R. KirkXIV751949READ
Mediaeval NotesE. M. JopeXIV781949READ
New Archaeological Sites at Binsey and Port Meadow, OxfordP. P. RhodesXIV811949READ
A Henge Monument at Westwell, near Burford, Oxon.R. J. C. AtkinsonXIV841949READ
The 'Hoar Stone' at EnstoneR. T. LatteyXIV871949READ
'Thor's Stone' at TastonR. T. LatteyXIV871949READ
Glass Bottles of the Crown Tavern, OxfordE. T. LeedsXIV871949READ
Pyrton Papers and Saxon Woodlands on the ChilternsW. O. HassallXIV891949READ
Seal and Signatures of Oxford FranciscansW. O. HassallXIV891949READ
The Celtic Field-Systems on the Berkshire DownsP. P. RhodesXV11950READ
Late Dark Age Finds from the Cherwell and Ray, 1876-86W. A. SeabyXV291950READ
Pottery from a Late 12th Century Well-filling, and other Medieval Finds from St John's College, Oxford, 1947E. M. Jope, H. M. Jope et alXV441950READ
Jews in Oxford after 1290C. RothXV631950READ
The Court Leet of the University of OxfordI. G. PhilipXV811950READ
Manuscript Maps belonging to St John's College, OxfordH. M. ColvinXV921950READ
Archaeological NotesXV1041950READ
Medieval NotesJ. R. Kirk, H. CaseXV1081950READ
Skeletal Material from Radley and CassingtonXV1091950READ
The Lambourn Seven BarrowsH. CaseXV1101950READ
Ewelme Honour Court Leets, 1712-1720W. O. HassallXV1141950READ
Excavations at Cassington, Oxon, 1947J. S. P. BradfordXVI11951READ
Excavations at Beard Mill, Stanton Harcourt, Oxon, 1944A. WilliamsXVI51951READ
Further Excavations in the Roman house at Harpsden Wood, Henley-on-ThamesC. N. Rivers-MooreXVI231951READ
Excavations on the City Defences in New College, Oxford, 1949A. G. Hunter, E. M. JopeXVI281951READ
The University College Statue of James IIK. A. Esdaile, M. R. ToynbeeXVI421951READ
Rawlinson's Proposed History of OxfordshireB. J. EnrightXVI571951READ
Archaeological Notes 1951H. Case, J. R. KirkXVI791951READ
A Cinerary Urn from Stanton Harcourt, Oxon.H. CaseXVI841951READ
The Development of Pottery Ridge Tiles in the Oxford RegionE. M. JopeXVI861951READ
Glass Bottle-Stamp of the King's Head Tavern, from WalesJ. R. KirkXVI881951READ
Building Stones of Blenheim PalaceW. J. ArkellXVI881951READ
'Hillwork'W. O. HassallXVI891951READ
Mesolithic Finds in the Oxford AreaH. CaseXVII-XVIII11952READ
Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berks, 1944-45R. J. C. AtkinsonXVII-XVIII141952READ
Excavations at Campsfield, Kidlington, Oxon, 1949A. G. Hunter, J. R. KirkXVII-XVIII361952READ
Three Early Saxon Graves from Dorchester, OxonJ. R. Kirk, E. T. LeedsXVII-XVIII361952READ
Late Saxon Pits under Oxford Castle Mound: Excavations in 1952E. M. JopeXVII-XVIII771952READ
Oxford Carpenters, 1370-1530E. A. GeeXVII-XVIII1121952READ
A Forgotten Gate to the Schools QuadrangleI. G. PhilipXVII-XVIII1851952READ
The Merton College Coin CollectionJ. D. A. ThompsonXVII-XVIII1881952READ
The Painting or Staining of Marble as Practised by William Byrd of Oxford and othersJ. C. ColeXVII-XVIII1931952READ
Oxford Buildings CriticizedH. S. Goodhart-RendelXVII-XVIII2001952READ
Archaeological Notes, 1952E. M. JopeXVII-XVIII2161952READ
Archaeological Notes, 1953H. Case, J. R. KirkXVII-XVIII2221952READ
Two Lower Palaeolithic FindsH. CaseXVII-XVIII2281952READ
Romano-British pottery from Sunningwell, Berks., 1952J. R. KirkXVII-XVIII2291952READ
A Pottery Mould from Horsepath, Oxon.M. HassallXVII-XVIII2311952READ
A Third Century Hoard of Roman Coins from EwelmeC. M. KraayXVII-XVIII2341952READ
A Bronze Strap-end of c. A. D. 900 from Souldern, Oxon.R. L. S. Bruce-MitfordXVII-XVIII2361952READ
A Glass Bottle Neck from Cornbury ParkD. B. HardenXVII-XVIII2361952READ
College ArchivesW. O. HassallXVII-XVIII2371952READ
StowoodW. O. HassallXVII-XVIII2371952READ
St. Peter-in-the-East, OxfordJ. R. KirkXVII-XVIII2371952READ
OAS Report No. 88XVII-XVIII2551952READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, 1853-1953G. D. ParkesXVII-XVIII2591952READ
Archaeological NotesXVII-XVIII2611952READ
The Field-names of Enstone and Little Tew ParishesR. T. LatteyXVII-XVIII2651952READ
OAS Proceedings 1950, 1951,1952,1953XVII-XVIII2671952READ
A Section of the Oxford Clay and Pleistocene Gravel in North OxfordL. W. GrenstedXIX11954READ
The Early Iron Age Camp on Bozedown, Whitchurch, OxonP. WoodXIX81954READ
The Romano-Celtic Temple at WoodeatonR. Goodchild, J. R. KirkXIX151954READ
Hoards of Roman Coins in the Reading Museum and Art GalleryG. C. BoonXIX381954READ
The Growth of WessexE. T. LeedsXIX451954READ
The Activities of some Fellows of De Vaux College, Salisbury, at Oxford and elsewhereK. EdwardsXIX611954READ
The Greek College at Oxford, 1699-1705E. D. TappeXIX921954READ
The Architects of All Saints Church, OxfordH. M. ColvinXIX1121954READ
Archaeological Notes: A. Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-SaxonH. Case, J. R. KirkXIX1171954READ
Archaeological Notes: Medieval NotesE. M JopeXIX1191954READ
A Roman Lead-Glazed Vessel from Littlemore, OxfordshireE. M. JopeXIX1201954READ
The Church of St. James, Bix BrandJ. R. KirkXIX1211954READ
'Old Wheatley'W. O. HassallXIX1211954READ
Record of a B.A. ExaminationD. M. WilliamsonXIX1221954READ
OAS Report No. 89XIX1351954READ
Scheduled Monuments in OxfordshireD. B. HardenXIX1371954READ
Archaeological NotesXIX1461954READ
Proceedings of OAS, 1954XIX1491954READ
Excavations at Vicarage Field, Stanton Harcourt, 1951N. ThomasXX11955READ
A Roman Site at Asthall, OxfordshireP. M. M. CookXX291955READ
An Oxfordshire Deed of Balliol CollegeE. B. Fryde, J. R. L. HighfieldXX401955READ
The Golden Cross, OxfordW. A. Pantin, E. Clive RouseXX461955READ
Archaeological Notes, 1955J. R. Kirk, H. CaseXX901955READ
A Roman Coin-Hoard from ApplefordC. M. KraayXX921955READ
A Palstave Adze from Pusey, BerkshireH. W. M. HodgesXX931955READ
O. A. S. Report No. 90XX1031955READ
Beaker Pottery from the Oxford Region: 1939-1955H. CaseXXI11956READ
A Saxon Cemetery near the Village of Harwell, BerkshireJ. R. Kirk, K. MarshallXXI221956READ
The Tinning of Iron Spurs: A Continuous Practice from the Tenth to the Seventeenth centuryE. M. JopeXXI351956READ
The Rectorial Barn at Church EnstoneR. B. Wood-JonesXXI431956READ
An Account for the Building of the Divinity SchoolA. D. M. CoxXXI481956READ
The Foundation of Wadham CollegeN. BriggsXXI611956READ
Archaeological NotesH. CaseXXI821956READ
An Early Seventeenth-Century Lining PaperL. StoneXXI831956READ
Parochial RecordsW. O. HassallXXI841956READ
Field-Names of Enstone and Little Tew Parishes, Oxon.R. T. LatteyXXI841956READ
O. A. S. Report No. 91XXI911956READ
Excavations at Lyneham Camp, Lyneham, OxonN. BayneXXII11957READ
Excavations at Callow Hill, Glympton and Stonesfield, OxonN. ThomasXXII111957READ
The Hill of AbingdonM. GellingXXII541957READ
Oxford StarrsC. RothXXII631957READ
The Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Rising of 1549A. Vere WoodmanXXII781957READ
An Account Book of an Oxford Undergraduate in the years 1619-1622H. V. F. SomersetXXII851957READ
A Proposed Re-foundation of St. Mary HallI. G. PhilipXXII931957READ
Letters of J. B. Malchair, the Eighteenth-Century Oxford ArtistH. MinnXXII981957READ
Archaeological NotesH. CaseXXII1041957READ
A Fragment of Chain-Mail from the Romano-British Temple Site at WoodeatonE. M. JopeXXII1061957READ
A Romanesque Seal-MatrixW. O. HassallXXII1071957READ
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Place Names of Oxfordshire (English Place-Name Society, XXIII, XXIV)M. GellingXXII1081957READ
Local WillsW. O. HassallXXII1101957READ
Grand CompoundersW. N. Hargreaves-MawdsleyXXII1101957READ
The Commoner's GownW. N. Hargreaves-MawdsleyXXII1111957READ
Refacing of Houses in St. Michael's Street, OxfordP. S. SpokesXXII1111957READ
Refacing of No. 41 St. Giles', OxfordP. S. SpokesXXII1121957READ
O. A. S. Report No. 92XXII1191957READ
The Clarendon Hotel, Oxford. Part I. The Site.E. M. JopeXXIII11958READ
The Clarendon Hotel, Oxford. Part II. The Buildings.W. A. PantinXXIII841958READ
Archaeological NotesH. CaseXXIII1301958READ
A Late Belgic Burial at Watlington, Oxon.H. CaseXXIII1391958READ
A Non-existent Link between the Oxford and Cricklade MintsR. H. M. DolleyXXIII1421958READ
The Three Kings and the University ArmsW. O. HassallXXIII1431958READ
Rewley AbbeyD. SturdyXXIII1441958READ
St. Mary Magdalen ChurchD. SturdyXXIII1441958READ
Bayworth-Sunningwell-Abingdon CanalN. H. GoochXXIII1451958READ
Archaeology of HoltonM. W. C. HassallXXIII1451958READ
Microfilm StripsW. O. HassallXXIII1461958READ
A Beaker-Culture barrow at North Stoke, OxonH. W. CatlingXXIV11959READ
Carbonized cereals from the Roman villa of North Leigh, OxonM. E. S. MorrisonXXIV131959READ
Thirteenth century and later pottery from the Clarendon hotel and other sites in OxfordD. SturdyXXIV221959READ
The building of St. Bernard's CollegeH. M. ColvinXXIV371959READ
The building of the second palace at CuddesdonJ. C. ColeXXIV491959READ
Alexander Fisher, Sir Christopher Wren and Merton College ChapelJ. R. L. HighfieldXXIV701959READ
Henry Wall's notes, 1844W. Pugh, R. G. ChapmanXXIV831959READ
Archaeological NotesH. Case, D. SturdyXXIV981959READ
A Greenstone Axe from Dean, near Charlbury, OxfordshireH. E. O'NeilXXIV1021959READ
A Roman Road from Alchester to DorchesterR. E. LiningtonXXIV1031959READ
John Skinner's Oxford Verses, 1790-3W. N. Hargreaves-MawdsleyXXIV1051959READ
Excavations at Madmarston Camp, Swalcliffe, 1957-8P. J. FowlerXXV11960READ
Little Milton, the rebuilding of an Oxfordshire villageD. PortmanXXV491960READ
A lawsuit concerning Oriel quarry in 1609J. C. ColeXXV641960READ
The City of Oxford and the Restoration of 1660M. ToynbeeXXV731960READ
Portraits of Sir Nathaniel LloydJ. GuinnessXXV961960READ
The parliamentary representation of the City of Oxford, 1754-1790J. CannonXXV1021960READ
Oxford colleges and some country parishes around Oxford in the early 18th centuryG. LambrickXXV1091960READ
Houses of the Oxford Region 1. Fisher Row, Oxford.W. A. PantinXXV1211960READ
Houses of the Oxford Region 2. Hordley Farm.W. A. PantinXXV1261960READ
Archaeological NotesH. Case, D. SturdyXXV1311960READ
Excavations at Purwell Farm, CassingtonG. J. DawsonXXVI-XXVII11961READ
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South Oxfordshire Motorway RouteXXXVII2401972READ
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Sites 1 and 2 : A Romano-British Site at Camp Corner, Milton CommonMargaret GreyXXXVIII61973READ
Site 3: Excavations at an Iron Age Village at Hcath FarmTrevor RowleyXXXVIII231973READ
Site 4: Excavations at Copt Hay, TetsworthMark RobinsonXXXVIII411973READ
Site 5: Excavations at Church Piece, TetsworthDavid A. HintonXXXVIII1161973READ
Site 6: Excavation at PostcombeTrevor RowleyXXXVIII1191973READ
Site 7 : Anglo-Saxon Burials at Postcombe, LewknorDavid A. HintonXXXVIII1201973READ
Sites 8-11 : Excavations near LewknorP. J. FashamXXXVIII1241973READ
Site 12 : A Cemetery Site at Beacon Hill, near Lewknor, OxonR. A. ChambersXXXVIII1381973READ
Site 13: A Deserted Medieval Farmstead at Sadler's Wood, LewknorR. A. ChambersXXXVIII1461973READ
Site 14: An Iron Age Enclosure at Hailey Wood, LewknorR. A. ChambersXXXVIII1681973READ
Site 15: Unidentified Features at Stoney Close, Hill Farm, StokenchurchR. A. ChambersXXXVIII1741973READ
Appendix 1 : Site DistributionM. A. AstonXXXVIII1801973READ
Appendix 2 : 'M.40 Ware'D. A. HintonXXXVIII1821973READ
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Charles Buckeridge and his FamilyA. SaintXXXVIII3571973READ
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New Wintles, Eynsham, Oxon.N. B. ClaytonXXXVIII3821973READ
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Two Medieval Anthropomorphic PotsD. A. HintonXXXVIII3871973READ
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Small Excavations in Abingdon 1973M. ParringtonXXXIX341974READ
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A Fifteenth Century Wealden House in OxfordJ. MunbyXXXIX731974READ
Town and Gown in Tudor Oxford: A Note and Two DocumentsC. I. HammerXXXIX771974READ
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Two Accounts of the Death of Dr. Peter Vaughan, Warden of Merton College, OxfordJ. R. L. HighfieldXXXIX921974READ
The Devil's Quoits, Stanton Harcourt, Oxon.M. GrayXXXIX961974READ
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Bicester PrioryD. A. HintonXXXIX991974READ
Thame, Oxon.D. A. HintonXXXIX1001974READ
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Introduction: The Abingdon Excavation ComntitteeD. MilesXL11975READ
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Excavations at the Old GaolMichael ParringtonXL591975READ
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Fairlawn WharfMichael ParringtonXL1041975READ
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Oddington ChurchE. H. W. CrushaXL3281975READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1974XL3291975READ
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Salvage Excavations on the Site of the Lay Cemetery of Abingdon AbbeyM. ParringtonXLI861976READ
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Tusmore Deserted VillageD. Miles, T. RowleyXLI3091976READ
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Social Mobility in the 14th century: the Example of the Chelreys of BerkshireP J. JeffriesXLI3241976READ
Samuel Lipscombe SeckamP. HowellXLI3371976READ
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Conflicts between Oseney and the Borough in the early 15th CenturyD. PostlesXLI3561976READ
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A Suggested Date for the Jacks or Quarter Boys on Carfax TowerC. ColeXLI3591976READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1975XLI3601976READ
Northfield Farm, Long WittenhamM. GrayXLII11977READ
Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, OxonM. ParringtonXLII301977READ
Romano-British and Saxon Sites near Dorchester-on-Thames, OxfordshireJ. MayXLII421977READ
First Century A.D. Finds from Mill Lane, Benson, OxonM. Parrington, C. D. De RocheXLII801977READ
Archaeological Investigations in St. Aldate's, OxfordB. DurhamXLII831977READ
Excavations at Wallingford, 1974T. J. WeareXLII2041977READ
Observations at Somerton, Oxon, 1973R. A. ChambersXLII2161977READ
The Date of John Rous's List of the Colleges and Academical Halls of OxfordT. H. AstonXLII2261977READ
The Fortification of Oxford During the Civil WarA. Kemp, 1977XLII2371977READ
Merton Chapel in the Nineteenth CenturyM. EverittXLII2471977READ
A Crouched Pit Burial at Cassington Mill, Oxon., 1976R. A. ChambersXLII2561977READ
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A Glass Ring from ShakenoakM. HenigXLII2601977READ
A Floriate Cross Saucer Brooch from Longworth, OxfordshireD. Miles, M. WelchXLII2621977READ
A Missing Brass Figure from Caversfield IdentifiedR. EmmersonXLII2641977READ
A Medieval Bronze Mount and Pendants from OxfordshireM. WelchXLII2651977READ
Pottery from Peckwater Quadrangle, Christ Church, OxfordB. Durham, M. MellorXLII2651977READ
A Medieval Pottery Group from 18 Walton Street, OxfordM. WelchXLII2661977READ
A Note on the St. Scholastica's Day RiotA. BeardwoodXLII2691977READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeoloigical Committee in 1976XLII2691977READ
Roman Burials around Dorchester-on-ThamesM. Harman, G. Lambrick et alXLIII11978READ
Rescue excavation in Dorchester-on-ThamesR. BradleyXLIII171978READ
The Archaeology of the Charlbury to Arncott Gas Pipeline, 1972R. A. ChambersXLIII401978READ
Frewin Hall, Oxford: a Norman Mansion and a Monastic CollegeJ. BlairXLIII481978READ
Excavations on the Site of Eynsham Abbey, 1971M. Gray, N. ClaytonXLIII1001978READ
J. C. Buckler, Tackley's Inn and Three Mediaeval Houses in OxfordJ. MunbyXLIII1231978READ
Post-Restoration Bishops of Winchester as Visitors of Oxford CollegesR. K. PughXLIII1701978READ
Working-class Housing in OxfordshireC. Paine et alXLIII1881978READ
'Oxford Jackson'A. MartinXLIII2161978READ
Public Library Facilities in Oxford before 1914M. GrahamXLIII2221978READ
A Survey on the Condition of Oxfordshire Long BarrowsL. BrownXLIII2411978READ
A Bronze Age Socketed Tool from BlewburyB. O'ConnorXLIII2451978READ
Three Bronze Age Implements from the ThamesR. ThomasXLIII2461978READ
Roman Trinket-Rings from OxfordshireM. RobinsonXLIII2491978READ
Two Radio-Carbon Dates for the Romano-British Cemetery and Settlement at Curbridge, Oxon.R. A. ChambersXLIII2521978READ
A Secondary Burial on Shipton Barrow, Oxon., 1976R. A. ChambersXLIII2531978READ
A Saxon Church at Cottisford?H. Milnes-WalkerXLIII2551978READ
Some Recent Medieval Acquisitions by the Oxfordshire County Council MuseumsN. Stebbing, S. GoslingXLIII2561978READ
Nuneham Courtenay - Goldsmith's Deserted VillageM. BateyXLIII2581978READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1977XLIII2591978READ
St. Paul's Church, Walton Street, OxfordA. LitvinoffXLIII2601978READ
Excavations at Stert Street, Abingdon, OxfordM. ParringtonXLIV11979READ
Sampling a Profile of Town Soil-Accumulation: 57, East St. Helen's Street, AbingdonR. Wilson, R. Thomas et alXLIV261979READ
Grain Issues from Some Properties of Oseney Abbey, 1274-1348D. PostlesXLIV301979READ
The Economy of Exeter College, 1400-1500A. F. ButcherXLIV381979READ
Two early Cruck Houses in South OxfordshireJ. BlairXLIV551979READ
The Foundation of Worcester College, OxfordL. SutherlandXLIV621979READ
The Building of Oxford Covered MarketM. GrahamXLIV811979READ
An Axe-Head from Charney BassettN. StebbingXLIV921979READ
A Middle Bronze Age Spearhead from MertonB. O'ConnorXLIV931979READ
A Possible La Tene III Inhumation from Sutton Courtenay, OxfordshireR. WhimsterXLIV931979READ
The Roman Settlement at Kingstonhill Farm, in the Parish of Kingston Bagpuize, OxfordshireR. CowellXLIV961979READ
Inhumations and Roman Settlement Features at Box Hill, Abingdon, Oxon.D. WilsonXLIV971979READ
Excavations at Westcote Barton Parish Church, Oxon., 1977R. A. ChambersXLIV991979READ
Two Leather Offcuts with Quality-Control Marks from the Moat of Oxford CastleG. EganXLIV1011979READ
Medieval Pottery from Oakley, near Chinnor, Oxon. 1978R. A. Chambers, M. MellorXLIV1041979READ
Eynsham AbbeyXLIV1041979READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1978XLIV1061979READ
Three Round Barrows at King's Weir, Wytham, OxonD. Bowler, M. RobinsonXLV11980READ
Archaeological Investigations at ApplefordJ. Hinchliffe, R. ThomasXLV91980READ
A Roman Cemetery and Trackway at Stanton HarcourtN. McGavinXLV1121980READ
A Beaker Burial and Medieval Tenements in the Hamel, OxfordN. PalmerXLV1241980READ
Heads of Houses and Religious Change in Tudor OxfordG. D. DuncanXLV2261980READ
Wall-Paintings from a House in Upper High Street, ThameM. R. Airs, J. G. RhodesXLV2351980READ
Kirtlington Manor Court, 1500-1659M. GriffithsXLV2601980READ
Robert Hegge, an Oxford AntiquaryP. PattendenXLV2841980READ
The Poor Law Migrant to Oxford 1700-1795E. G. ThomasXLV3001980READ
A Beaker Ring-Ditch near RadleyR. Thomas, J. Wallis et alXLV3061980READ
A Bronze Age Field System at Northfield Farm?R. ThomasXLV3101980READ
A Balance Arm from Oxford CastleXLV3111980READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1979XLV3121980READ
Excavations at Beech House Hotel, Dorchester-on-Thames, 1972T. Rowley, L. BrownXLVI11981READ
A Medieval Graveyard beside Faringdon Road, AbingdonM. Harman, R. WiilsonXLVI561981READ
The Fortunes of the Shrine of St. Mary of CavershamC. Haigh, D. LoadesXLVI621981READ
The Accounts of Thomas West of Wallingford, a Sixteenth Century Trader on the ThamesM. PriorXLVI731981READ
A Late Sixteenth-Century Map of St. Clement's, OxfordC. M. WoolgarXLVI941981READ
Thomas Allen (1540-1632), Gloucester Hall and the Survival of Catholicism in Post-Reformation OxfordM. FosterXLVI991981READ
Stone Weights from the ThamesR. ThomasXLVI1291981READ
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Salters’ of Oxford: a History of a Thames Boating Firm over a Century of Evolution (1858-c. 1960) Simon WenhamLXXI1112006READ
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Walter Jones of Witney, Worcester and Chastleton: Rewriting the PastHilary L. TurnerLXXIII332008READ
Thomas Garth, Rector of Charlton-on-Otmoor, 1615-1643: Rake or Reformer?Christine JacksonLXXIII452008READ
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H. M. J. Underhill (1855-1921): Oxford Antiquarian, Artist and 'Provision Merchant'Megan PriceLXXIII992008READ
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Fourteenth-century Ways of Seeing: the Chancel Wall Paintings at Chalgrove, OxfordshireCatherine OakesLXXIV192009READ
‘Cutting One’s Coat According to One’s Cloth’: the Clothes of an Unremarkable Woman in the Seventeenth CenturyBarbara AllisonLXXIV352009READ
Ecclesiology and Education: the Impact of the Oxford Movement on Educational Building in OxfordshireBarbara DennisLXXIV532009READ
A History of the Garden of Elsfield Manor, OxfordPaige L. JohnsonLXXIV712009READ
Puncturing an Oxford Myth: the Truth about the ‘Infamous’ O’Sheas and the Oxford University MuseumBlair J. GilbertLXXIV872009READ
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Roman and Late Saxon Occupation at 61 Priory Road, Bicester, OxfordshireSean WallisLXXIV1272009READ
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Another Giant ‘Peasant’ House? The Site Identification of Priory Cottages, Steventon, OxfordshireC. R. J. CurrieLXXIV1852009READ
E. A. Greening Lamborn: Benefactor of OxoniensiaDiana WoodLXXIV1902009READ
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'Reason in Arithmetic' by E. A. Greening LambornDavid HardingLXXIV2002009READ
Thames Crossings near Wallingford from Roman to Early Norman TimesA. J. GraysonLXXV12010READ
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'Have you Found Anything Interesting?' Exploring Late-Saxon and Medieval Urbanism at Wallingford: Sources, Results, and QuestionsN. Christie, O. CreightonLXXV352010READ
Monastic Town Planning at AbingdonRoger M. ThomasLXXV492010READ
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Industrial Architecture in Oxford, 1870 to 1914Liz WoolleyLXXV672010READ
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Archaeological Work in the County, 2009Paul SmithLXXV2222010READ
Sir William Herschel: the Originator of Fingerprinting and Oxford All-RounderAnn Spokes-SymondsLXXV2252010READ
Romano-British Trackways in the Upper Thames ValleyPaul BoothLXXVI12011READ
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A City Parish in the English Civil War: St Aldate’s, Oxford, 1642–6Rosemary KellyLXXVI392011READ
Henley’s Major Inns in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth CenturiesBarbara AllisonLXXVI552011READ
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The Rhodes Building at Oriel, 1904–2011: Dynamite or Designate?Edward ImpeyLXXVI952011READ
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Flint House and Flint Cottage, WallingfordDavid Pedgley, David ClarkLXXVI2802011READ
Possible Early Christian Enclosure and Deserted Medieval Settlement at Prescote, near CropredyStephen Wass, Rebecca DealtryLXXVI2832011READ
An Early Romano-British Villa at Combe East EndGeorge SpeakeLXXVII12012READ
From Goring towards Henley: The Course, History and Significance of a Medieval Oxfordshire RoutewayR. B. PeberdyLXXVII912012READ
Woodwork Tools in Early Modern OxfordMichael FlemingLXXVII1072012READ
An Oxford College and the Eighteenth-Century Gothic RevivalOliver CoxLXXVII1172012READ
Development or Destruction? E.A. Freeman and the Debate on Church Restoration, 1839–51Jonathan ConlinLXXVII1372012READ
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Medieval and Later Activity at Said Business School, Park End Street, OxfordSteven TeagueLXXVII2672012READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2011David RadfordLXXVII2892012READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2011Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXVII2922012READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2011Anni ByardLXXVII2972012READ
Tree-Ring Dating Supported by OAHS – Third ReportDaniel Miles, Ruth GibsonLXXVII3002012READ
Prehistoric Oxford (The Tom Hassall Lecture for 2012)George LambrickLXXVIII12013READ
The Origins of Wessex Pilot ProjectHelena Hamerow, Chris FergusonLXXVIII492013READ
Beakhead Decoration on Romanesque Arches in the Upper Thames ValleyJanet NewsonLXXVIII712013READ
New Light on the Abingdon Monks’ MapManfred BrodLXXVIII872013READ
The Burford School of MasonsMelody MobusLXXVIII992013READ
The Building Stones of Oxfordshire VillagesW. Horsfield, D. M. DaneLXXVIII1152013READ
Sir Gilbert Scott’s Restoration of Christ Church CathedralE. G. W. BillLXXVIII1272013READ
The Belfry at Christ ChurchE. G. W. BillLXXVIII1572013READ
Anglo-Saxon and Prehistoric Remains at Oxford Academy, Littlemore, Oxford: Excavations in 2009Andrew Mudd, Mark BrettLXXVIII1752013READ
Evidence for a Stephanic Siege Castle at the Lister Wilder Site, The Street, Crowmarsh GiffordGreg LabanLXXVIII1892013READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2012David RadfordLXXVIII2132013READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2012Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXVIII2172013READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2012Anni ByardLXXVIII2212013READ
Lost and Found: A Flint Dagger from the River Thames at HenleyCate FriemanLXXVIII2252013READ
An Alternative Interpretation of the Finds from the ‘Boundary Ditch’ of Shakenoak Roman VillaJohn HuntLXXVIII2272013READ
A Multi-Phase Anglo-Saxon Site in EwelmeStephen Mileson, Stuart BrookesLXXIX12014READ
The Allestree Library at Christ Church, Oxford, and its Tiled PavementGraham Keevill, Maureen MellorLXXIX312014READ
Wenceslaus Hollar's Maps of OxfordJohn W. HawkinsLXXIX472014READ
Problems of Reform in Eighteenth-Century Oxford: Th e Case of George Wyndham, Warden of Wadham, 1744-77C.S.L. DaviesLXXIX612014READ
The Destruction of the Dyke Hills, Dorchester-on-ThamesChristopher M. WelchLXXIX772014READ
St Luke's Church, Canning Crescent, OxfordDavid R. Clark, Liz WoolleyLXXIX972014READ
A Middle Bronze-Age Burnt Mound at Sonning Eye Quarry, CavershamSusan Porter, Andrew WealeLXXIX1112014READ
Fieldwork at a Prehistoric, Iron-Age and Roman Site at Hurst Hill, Cumnor, OxfordRoger AinslieLXXIX1292014READ
A Middle Anglo-Saxon Cemetery and Medieval Occupation at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, BicesterJames Lewis, Ceri FalysLXXIX1472014READ
Medieval and Post-Medieval Remains from Excavations on the Site of the New Auditorium, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 2008Robin Bashford, Anne DoddLXXIX1732014READ
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Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2013David RadfordLXXIX2352014READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2013Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXIX2392014READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2013Anni ByardLXXIX2472014READ
Wymond de Brandon: An Ecclesiastical Official of the Late Thirteenth CenturyMartin Henig, Nigel RamsayLXXX12015READ
Solomonic Iconography in Early Stuart Oxford: The South Porch of St Mary the VirginRobin UsherLXXX72015READ
The Military and Political Importance of the Battle of Chalgrove (1643)Derek Lester, Gill LesterLXXX272015READ
Coal and Clothing Clubs: An Essential Component of the Parish Welfare System, 1834-1910Shaun MorleyLXXX412015READ
The River Thames and the Popularisation of Camping, 1860-1980Simon M. WenhamLXXX572015READ
The 'Golden Age' of Oxfordshire Archaeology, 1965-1980James Bond, Trevor RowleyLXXX752015READ
Evidence for Iron-Age Land-Use and Settlement in the University Parks, OxfordSteve ThompsonLXXX972015READ
Iron-Age, Roman and Medieval Activity from Investigations at Abingdon Museum Lift PitRobin Bashford, Paul BoothLXXX1112015READ
Late Saxon, Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology at the Nun's Garden, The Queen's College, OxfordSteve Teague, Andrew NortonLXXX1432015READ
A Late-Medieval Kitchen in Parson's Street, Banbury: Excavations at the Ye Olde Reindeer Public HouseGiles DawkesLXXX1872015READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2014David RadfordLXXX2072015READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2014Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXX2112015READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2014Anni ByardLXXX2172015READ
A further Middle Palaeolithic Bout Coupé Handaxe from Radley, OxfordshireGeraldine CrannLXXX2232015READ
Historic Routes in Cherwell District, North OxfordshirePhilip Masters, Sally StradlingLXXXI12016READ
An Early Anglo-Saxon Great Hall at Benson? An Alternative Interpretation of the Excavated EvidenceAdam McBrideLXXXI192016READ
Common Carriers in Medieval England: Evidence from Oxford ArchivesRichard SharpeLXXXI272106READ
William Butterfield's Patrons and Clients in OxfordJennifer HarrisonLXXXI632016READ
The Camel that Escaped the Nazis: Paul Jacobsthal and a Tang Camel at the AshmoleanKatharina Ulmschneider, Sally CrawfordLXXXI872016READ
Farmoor to Blunsdon Water Main: Excavations along the Pipeline Route, 2001 to 2004Jonathan HartLXXXI992016READ
The Excavation of Mesolithic Flint and an Early Medieval Enclosure at Rushey Weir, near BamptonSteven Teague, Ben FordLXXXI1532016READ
Medieval and Later Activity at Worcester College, Worcester Street, OxfordSteve Teague, Ben FordLXXXI1792016READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2015David RadfordLXXXI2272016READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2015Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXXI2332016READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2015Anni ByardLXXXI2392016READ
Building Recording and Test Pits at Brasenose College, OxfordAlison Kelly, Chris RichardsonLXXXI2472016READ
Appleton Manor: A 'Most Remarkable Mansion'James Bond, David ClarkLXXXII12017READ
The Lost Medieval Barn of Abingdon Abbey at CumnorEdward Impey, Paul BelfordLXXXII352017READ
Robert Veysey of Chimney: 'From Nothing to a Very Great Estate'Peter McCulloughLXXXII592017READ
Crisis Mortality in Civil War Oxford, 1642-1646Roger GilboyLXXXII832017READ
The Classical Rebirth of Oxford: A Reappraisal of Peckwater’s PalladianismKate BrittainLXXXII1052017READ
Hythe Bridge Street, Park End Street, and their Connecting Streets: Changing Transport and Changing Architecture in the Parish of St Thomas, OxfordJudith CurthoysLXXXII1332017READ
Eight Socialist Conscientious Objectors at the University of Oxford, 1914-1918Katie MeheuxLXXXII1652017READ
A Bronze-Age Field System and Enclosure and Bronze-Age and Roman Burials at Monks Farm, GroveKate Brady, Christopher HaydenLXXXII2012017READ
Bronze-Age Activity and Roman Settlement at Abingdon Road, DraytonRay Kennedy, Richard MasseyLXXXII2632017READ
Iron-Age and Roman Settlement at Station Road, UffingtonChris Ellis, Richard MasseyLXXXII2992017READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2016David RadfordLXXXII3432017READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2016Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXXII3472017READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2016Anni ByardLXXXII3532017READ
Chaundy: The History and Origins of an Oxfordshire SurnameSimon DraperLXXXII3592017READ
Excavations of a Medieval Manorial Complex at Chazey Court Farm: An Interim NoteBen Ford, Steven LeechLXXXII3632017READ
The Western Approach to Anglo-Saxon OxfordAlan CrossleyLXXXIII12018READ
Wallingford's Medieval Burgage PlotsDavid E. PedgleyLXXXIII232018READ
Observations on the Romanesque Church of St Peter-in-the-East, OxfordMalcolm ThurlbyLXXXIII372018READ
Fidelis ad Mortem: John Chessell Buckler, an Oxford College ArchitectJoshua MardellLXXXIII732018READ
Oxford Diocese Bishop Wilberforce and the 1851 Religious CensusKate TillerLXXXIII932018READ
Thomas James Carter's Role in the Collection of Oxfordshire Antiquities, Fossils and FolkloreMichael HeaneyLXXXIII1012018READ
Early to Middle Iron-Age and Later Settlement at Grove Road, HarwellSteve ThompsonLXXXIII1392018READ
Early Roman and Late Anglo-Saxon Occupation at Langford Park Farm, London Road, BicesterJo Pine, Andrew MundinLXXXIII1972018READ
Anglo-Saxon Settlement above the Vale of the White Horse: Summary Report on Archaeological Investigations at Challow Park in 2017Jonathan Hart, Mark BrettLXXXIII2252018READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2017David RadfordLXXXIII2332018READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2017Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXXIII2372018READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2017Anni ByardLXXXIII2432018READ
A Concentration of Bronze-Age Metalwork from the River Thames at Sandford-on-ThamesRoger ThomasLXXXIII2492018READ
A Middle Bronze-Age Hoard from Aston RowantAlex DaviesLXXXIII2572018READ
An Unusual Bronze-Age Socketed Axe from BensonRoger ThomasLXXXIII2592018READ
Addenda to John Prujean's 1701 Catalogue of Mathematical InstrumentsD.J. BrydenLXXXIII2612018READ
Chapel of the Blessed Trinity, StonorDavid Clark, John SteaneLXXXIV12019READ
Sampling the Gothic: An Enquiry into the Cast Collection made by the Oxford Architectural Society between 1839 and 1850 Beverley LearLXXXIV392019READ
Blowing a Trumpet for a Stone: The Blowing Stone at Kingston LisleFelix RoltLXXXIV692019READ
The Struggle to Save Oxford's Old Houses: Bunney and Pearce's Forgotten 1930s SurveyMalcolm GrahamLXXXIV852019READ
St Aldate's Widened and 'Improved': The Making of a Modern Oxford StreetMalcolm GrahamLXXXIV1072019READ
The Excavation of an Early Bronze-Age Ring Ditch, Middle Bronze-Age Pits, and Iron-Age and Roman Enclosure Ditches at Bowling Green Farm Quarry, Chinham Farm, FaringdonJo Pine, Andrew WealeLXXXIV1332019READ
A Late Iron-Age Enclosed Settlement at Newington Road, StadhamptonRichard Massey, Matthew NicholLXXXIV1592019READ
Roman and Civil War Remains at the Oxford University Physics Building: Summary Report on Archaeological InvestigationsJonathan HartLXXXIV2052019READ
Cultivating the Margins: The Roman and Early Medieval Rural Landscape of Barton Park, OxfordToby F. Martin, Carl Champness LXXXIV2172019READ
A Medieval Field System South of the High Street, DraytonKate Brady, Edward Biddulph, Stuart ForemanLXXXIV2432019READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2018David RadfordLXXXIV2572019READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2018Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXXIV2612019READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2018Anni ByardLXXXIV2672019READ
A Roman Intaglio from AbingdonMartin Henig, Terry Stopps, Roger ThomasLXXXIV2752019READ
A Roman Burial at Ardley RevisitedPaul BoothLXXXIV2792019READ
A High-Status Anglo-Saxon Building at Bishop's Court, near Dorchester-on-Thames: A Reinterpretation of a Rescue-Era ExcavationAdam McBrideLXXXIV2832019READ
Status or What? Aspects of Broad Characterisation of Roman Pottery Assemblages in the Oxford RegionPaul BoothLXXXV12020READ
Roman Roads in Wychwood: An Alternative Line of Akeman StreetJohn BlairLXXXV432020READ
An Anglo-Saxon Relic-Box from Ascott-under-Wychwood, and the Geography of Seventh-Century Burial in the Middle Evenlode ValleyJohn Blair, Catherine HillsLXXXV672020READ
St Mary the Virgin, Charlbury: The Anglo-Saxon Minster Church and its Romanesque SuccessorDaniel SeckerLXXXV912020READ
The Macfarlane Family and the Regeneration of Anglican Religious Life in Nineteenth-Century DorchesterMalcolm AirsLXXXV1112020READ
Excavations at the Old Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford: Prehistoric to Medieval LandscapesTim SpenbrookeLXXXV1252020READ
Excavation of a Bronze-Age Ring Ditch at CartertonAlex Davies, Gerry ThackerLXXXV1832020READ
Middle Bronze-Age Urns and Middle Iron-Age Settlement at Little Martin?s Field, Brightwell-cum-SotwellAndrew Simmonds, John BoothroydLXXXV2092020READ
Excavation of an Anglo-Saxon Settlement at Oxford Road, BodicoteTracy PreeceLXXXV2272020READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2019David RadfordLXXXV2492020READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2019Hugh Coddington, Richard OramLXXXV2532020READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2019Anni Byard, Edward CaswellLXXXV2592020READ
A Newly Discovered Later Bronze-Age Shield from WoodstockMarion UckelmannLXXXV2672020READ
Investigations within a Scheduled Romano-British Cropmark Complex at Moreton Lane, NorthmoorAndrew Simmonds, John BoothroydLXXXV2772020READ
A Medieval Swan-Bone Flute from AbingdonRichard Shaw SermonLXXXV2832020READ
The North Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch: New Observations South of Akeman StreetJohn BlairLXXXVI12021READ
A New Segment of the North Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch at Long HanboroughTim CopelandLXXXVI192021READ
A Late Anglo-Saxon Royal Deer Park at Grove near Wantage?Roger ThomasLXXXVI272021READ
Late Anglo-Saxon Oxford, the 'Eastern Extension', and St Peter's-in-the-East: Some Further ThoughtsJohn BlairLXXXVI392021READ
The Wall Tenements of Oxford in Domesday Book, and the Process of Burghal FormationJeremy HaslamLXXXVI472021READ
Personal and Institutional Mendicancy in Medieval Oxford: The Blackfriars and Greyfriars and their CriticsGeorge LambrickLXXXVI632021READ
Thomas Jolyffe and his Circle of Oxford Masters of Arts in the Mid Fifteenth CenturyDavid ThomsonLXXXVI1192021READ
The Early History of 'Champ's Chapel', East HendredNick WrightLXXXVI1372021READ
Oxfordshire's Tolpuddle? The Case of the Ascott MartyrsMark CurthoysLXXXVI1592021READ
Early and Late Bronze Age Pits at Moulsford Preparatory School, Reading Road, MoulsfordSteve FordLXXXVI1792021READ
A Middle Bronze Age Trackway, Late Iron Age Ditches and an Early Anglo-Saxon Sunken-Featured Building at East End Farm, CholseyRichard Massey, Sam WilsonLXXXVI2012021READ
Roman Occupation and Burials at Sibford Road, Hook NortonAndrew Simmonds, John BoothroydLXXXVI2432021READ
Roman Settlement at Coxwell Road, FaringdonKate Brady, Edward Biddulph, Gerry ThackerLXXXVI2932021READ
Medieval Occupation at The Elms and Priest End, ThameSteve Ford, Pierre-Damien Manisse, Andrew MundinLXXXVI3392021READ
A Further Sequence of Medieval and Early Post-Medieval Deposits at Jesus College, OxfordAndrew Simmonds, Robin Bashford, Gerry ThackerLXXXVI3612021READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2020David RadfordLXXXVI3832021READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2020Richard OramLXXXVI3872021READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2020Edward CaswellLXXXVI3912021READ
Oxfordshire Museums Service, 2020Angie BoltonLXXXVI3992021READ
The Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record: Twenty-Five Years of TransformationSusan LiskLXXXVI4012021READ

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