The Greening Lamborn Trust

The Greening Lamborn Trust’s objective is to promote public interest in the history, architecture, old photographs, and heraldry of Oxford and its neighbourhood by supporting publications and other media that create access to them. It supports scholarly works and smaller publications of local interest. The Trustees make grants, and occasionally loans, to help with publication costs and expenditure on the display to the public of historic artefacts in local museums and industrial heritage sites. Whilst the Trustees cannot support research costs, they can help with the expense of publishing the research, when the publication will be available for general purchase. Sometimes the Trustees will meet the cost of including additional illustrations, historic photographs, etc., which would otherwise be omitted. Further information can be obtained from .

Oxfordshire Record Society

The Oxfordshire Record Society publishes documents relating to the County of Oxford. The annual subscription, currently only £12, supports the Society’s work and entitles members to receive volumes at less than the normal retail price.

Recent volumes issued by the Society include:

  • The diocese books of Samuel Wilberforce : Bishop of Oxford, 1845-1869, eds. Ronald Pugh and Margaret Pugh.
  • An Historical Atlas of Oxfordshire, eds. Kate Tiller and Giles Darkes
  • Oxfordshire Friendly Societies, 1750-1918, ed. Shaun Morley.

Details regarding membership may be found on their website: or by contacting the Society directly by email .

Oxford Historical Society

Founded in 1884, the Society publishes editions of historical records relating to the City, University, and Colleges of Oxford. To date 141 volumes have been issued, of which almost 100 are still in print.

Works available from the Society include Cordeaux and Merry’s bibliographies of the City of Oxford (1976), Oxfordshire (1950), and a supplementary volume on Oxfordshire (1981). The Society’s latest publications are The Account Rolls of University College, Oxford, ed. R. H. Darwall-Smith, 2 vols, Registrum Annalium Mertonensis, 1603—1660, ed. J. R. L. Highfield, and Oxford Quarter Sessions Order Book, 1614—1637, ed. Robin Blades.

Subscribers receive a new hardback volume every two years, an annual newsletter, and the opportunity to purchase previous publications at a generous discount on retail prices. Enquiries about subscription should be sent to the Hon. Secretary, Dr E. M. P. Wells, 24 Tree Lane, Iffley Village, Oxford OX4 4EY.

Non-members may buy those titles still in print from Boydell & Brewer,

Oxfordshire Local History Association

The Association was founded in 1980 to further the study of local history in the County, and in particular to promote links between amateur local historians and academic and professional bodies involved in local history. The Association organizes twice-yearly meetings or day schools at venues across Oxfordshire and publishes a quarterly newsletter and twice-yearly journal, Oxfordshire Local History.

Enquiries about the Association should be addressed to the Hon. Treasurer, Ms Liz Woolley, 138 Marlborough Road, Oxford OX1 4LS (). Subscriptions (£9) should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer.

Banbury Historical Society

The Society publishes volumes of records relating to Banbury and its neighbourhood, including parts of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, as well as Oxfordshire. Thirty-six volumes have been published to date (2021). These include all pre-General Registration Banbury Parish Registers, 1558—1838, now mostly out of print, but available on microfiche from Oxfordshire Family History Society, c/o Oxfordshire Studies, Central Library, Westgate, Oxford OX1 1DJ.

Recent volumes available from the Society include:

  • Banbury Gaol Records, ed. P. Renold
  • The ‘Bawdy Court’ of Banbury: the Act Book of the Peculiar Court of Banbury, 1625—1638, ed. R. K. Gilkes
  • King’s Sutton Churchwardens’ Accounts, 1636—1700, ed. P. Hayter
  • Banbury Chapbooks, ed. L. J. De Freitas
  • Early Victorian Squarson: the Diaries of William Cotton Risley, Vicar of Deddington, 1835—1848, part 1, 1835—1848, ed. G. Smedley-Stevenson
  • Banbury Past through Artists’ Eyes, ed. Simon Townsend and Jeremy Gibson
  • Turnpike Roads to Banbury, ed. A. Rosevear
  • Mid-Victorian Squarson: the Diaries of William Cotton Risley of Deddington, part 2, 1849—1869, ed. G. Smedley-Stevenson

The Society’s magazine, Cake and Cockhorse, is available to search online at

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