Volume 87 LXXXVII (2022)

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Querns from the Bronze Age to the Eleventh Century AD: Making Use of Local Resources from the 'Oxfordshire Grits'. By Ruth Shaffrey and Fiona Roe1READ
Abbot Ordric's Cut Revisited. By Roger Thomas17READ
A Reassessment of the Fourteenth-Century Wall Paintings at St Mary's, Chalgrove. By Sommer Hallquist27READ
The Manciple and the Malthouse: A Vernacular Building at No. 84 St Aldate?s Street, Oxford. By David Clark45READ
Sewering Henley-on-Thames, 1870-1914. By Michael Redley81READ
Restoring Mapledurham: A South Oxfordshire Estate and its Buildings, 1960-2019. By Stephen Mileson and Daniel Miles105READ
Take the High Road: Bronze Age, Iron Age and Early Roman Settlement at Dunmore Road, Abingdon. By Martyn G. Allen, Alex Davies and John Boothroyd127READ
Farming in the Vales: Middle Bronze Age Farming and a Late Iron Age/Romano-British Settlement at Grove Airfield. By Martyn G. Allen and Charlotte Howsam, Steve Lawrence195READ
Between Hill and Valley: Iron Age, Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Farming Activity at Crab Hill, near Wantage. By Martyn G. Allen and Alex Davies, Gerry Thacker249READ
Middle Iron Age Settlement and Roman Agricultural Activity East of Chalgrove. By Andrew Simmonds and Kirsty Smith, Carl Champness325READ
West Oxfordshire's 'Seven Springs': A Probable Romano-British Springhead Shrine at Showells Farm, Crawley. By John Blair355READ
A Late Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman Extramural Suburb at Wallingford. By Tim Allen and Steve Teague395READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2021. By David Radford445READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2021. By Victoria Green and Richard Oram, Steven Weaver451READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2021. By Edward Caswell455READ
Eye and Dunsden Causewayed Enclosure. By Janet Eastment461READ
The Merrys of Merriscourt: An Oxfordshire Surname Explored. By Simon Draper467READ
A Lost Medieval Undercroft in Abingdon?. By Roger Thomas469READ
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