Volume 86 LXXXVI (2021)

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The North Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch: New Observations South of Akeman Street. By John Blair1READ
A New Segment of the North Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch at Long Hanborough. By Tim Copeland19READ
A Late Anglo-Saxon Royal Deer Park at Grove near Wantage?. By Roger Thomas27READ
Late Anglo-Saxon Oxford, the 'Eastern Extension', and St Peter's-in-the-East: Some Further Thoughts. By John Blair39READ
The Wall Tenements of Oxford in Domesday Book, and the Process of Burghal Formation. By Jeremy Haslam47READ
Personal and Institutional Mendicancy in Medieval Oxford: The Blackfriars and Greyfriars and their Critics. By George Lambrick63READ
Thomas Jolyffe and his Circle of Oxford Masters of Arts in the Mid Fifteenth Century. By David Thomson119READ
The Early History of 'Champ's Chapel', East Hendred. By Nick Wright137READ
Oxfordshire's Tolpuddle? The Case of the Ascott Martyrs. By Mark Curthoys159READ
Early and Late Bronze Age Pits at Moulsford Preparatory School, Reading Road, Moulsford. By Steve Ford179READ
A Middle Bronze Age Trackway, Late Iron Age Ditches and an Early Anglo-Saxon Sunken-Featured Building at East End Farm, Cholsey. By Richard Massey and Sam Wilson201READ
Roman Occupation and Burials at Sibford Road, Hook Norton. By Andrew Simmonds and John Boothroyd243READ
Roman Settlement at Coxwell Road, Faringdon. By Kate Brady and Edward Biddulph, Gerry Thacker293READ
Medieval Occupation at The Elms and Priest End, Thame. By Steve Ford and Pierre-Damien Manisse, Andrew Mundin339READ
A Further Sequence of Medieval and Early Post-Medieval Deposits at Jesus College, Oxford. By Andrew Simmonds and Robin Bashford, Gerry Thacker361READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2020. By David Radford383READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2020. By Richard Oram387READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2020. By Edward Caswell391READ
Oxfordshire Museums Service, 2020. By Angie Bolton399READ
The Oxfordshire Historic Environment Record: Twenty-Five Years of Transformation. By Susan Lisk401READ

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