Volume 84 LXXXIV (2019)

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Chapel of the Blessed Trinity, Stonor. By David Clark and John Steane1READ
Sampling the Gothic: An Enquiry into the Cast Collection made by the Oxford Architectural Society between 1839 and 1850 . By Beverley Lear39READ
Blowing a Trumpet for a Stone: The Blowing Stone at Kingston Lisle. By Felix Rolt69READ
The Struggle to Save Oxford's Old Houses: Bunney and Pearce's Forgotten 1930s Survey. By Malcolm Graham85READ
St Aldate's Widened and 'Improved': The Making of a Modern Oxford Street. By Malcolm Graham107READ
The Excavation of an Early Bronze-Age Ring Ditch, Middle Bronze-Age Pits, and Iron-Age and Roman Enclosure Ditches at Bowling Green Farm Quarry, Chinham Farm, Faringdon. By Jo Pine and Andrew Weale133READ
A Late Iron-Age Enclosed Settlement at Newington Road, Stadhampton. By Richard Massey and Matthew Nichol159READ
Roman and Civil War Remains at the Oxford University Physics Building: Summary Report on Archaeological Investigations. By Jonathan Hart205READ
Cultivating the Margins: The Roman and Early Medieval Rural Landscape of Barton Park, Oxford. By Toby F. Martin and Carl Champness 217READ
A Medieval Field System South of the High Street, Drayton. By Kate Brady and Edward Biddulph, Stuart Foreman243READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2018. By David Radford257READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2018. By Hugh Coddington and Richard Oram261READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2018. By Anni Byard267READ
A Roman Intaglio from Abingdon. By Martin Henig and Terry Stopps, Roger Thomas275READ
A Roman Burial at Ardley Revisited. By Paul Booth279READ
A High-Status Anglo-Saxon Building at Bishop's Court, near Dorchester-on-Thames: A Reinterpretation of a Rescue-Era Excavation. By Adam McBride283READ
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