Volume 82 LXXXII (2017)

Appleton Manor: A 'Most Remarkable Mansion'. By James Bond and David Clark1READ
The Lost Medieval Barn of Abingdon Abbey at Cumnor. By Edward Impey and Paul Belford35READ
Robert Veysey of Chimney: 'From Nothing to a Very Great Estate'. By Peter McCullough59READ
Crisis Mortality in Civil War Oxford, 1642-1646. By Roger Gilboy83READ
The Classical Rebirth of Oxford: A Reappraisal of Peckwater’s Palladianism. By Kate Brittain105READ
Hythe Bridge Street, Park End Street, and their Connecting Streets: Changing Transport and Changing Architecture in the Parish of St Thomas, Oxford. By Judith Curthoys133READ
Eight Socialist Conscientious Objectors at the University of Oxford, 1914-1918. By Katie Meheux165READ
A Bronze-Age Field System and Enclosure and Bronze-Age and Roman Burials at Monks Farm, Grove. By Kate Brady and Christopher Hayden201READ
Bronze-Age Activity and Roman Settlement at Abingdon Road, Drayton. By Ray Kennedy and Richard Massey263READ
Iron-Age and Roman Settlement at Station Road, Uffington. By Chris Ellis and Richard Massey299READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2016. By David Radford343READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2016. By Hugh Coddington and Richard Oram347READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2016. By Anni Byard353READ
Chaundy: The History and Origins of an Oxfordshire Surname. By Simon Draper359READ
Excavations of a Medieval Manorial Complex at Chazey Court Farm: An Interim Note. By Ben Ford and Steven Leech363READ
Reviews. 371READ

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