Volume 80 LXXX (2015)

Wymond de Brandon: An Ecclesiastical Official of the Late Thirteenth Century. By Martin Henig and Nigel Ramsay1READ
Solomonic Iconography in Early Stuart Oxford: The South Porch of St Mary the Virgin. By Robin Usher7READ
The Military and Political Importance of the Battle of Chalgrove (1643). By Derek Lester and Gill Lester27READ
Coal and Clothing Clubs: An Essential Component of the Parish Welfare System, 1834-1910. By Shaun Morley41READ
The River Thames and the Popularisation of Camping, 1860-1980. By Simon M. Wenham57READ
The 'Golden Age' of Oxfordshire Archaeology, 1965-1980. By James Bond and Trevor Rowley75READ
Evidence for Iron-Age Land-Use and Settlement in the University Parks, Oxford. By Steve Thompson97READ
Iron-Age, Roman and Medieval Activity from Investigations at Abingdon Museum Lift Pit. By Robin Bashford and Paul Booth111READ
Late Saxon, Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology at the Nun's Garden, The Queen's College, Oxford. By Steve Teague and Andrew Norton143READ
A Late-Medieval Kitchen in Parson's Street, Banbury: Excavations at the Ye Olde Reindeer Public House. By Giles Dawkes187READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2014. By David Radford207READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2014. By Hugh Coddington and Richard Oram211READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2014. By Anni Byard217READ
A further Middle Palaeolithic Bout Coupé Handaxe from Radley, Oxfordshire. By Geraldine Crann223READ
Reviews. 225READ

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