Volume 8 VIII-IX (1943-1944)

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Palaeoliths from the Wallingford Fan-Gravels. By W. J. Arkell1READ
Excavations at Stanton Harcourt, Oxon., 1940. By W. F. Grimes19READ
Archaeology from the Air in the Upper Thames Valley. By D. N. Riley64READ
Mediaeval Pottery from Merton College, Oxford. By E. M. Jope102READ
The Alleged Migration of the University of Oxford to Northampton in 1264. By F. M. Powicke107READ
Stained Glass from Notley Abbey. By St. J. O. Gamlen112READ
The Building of Cardinal College, Oxford. By J. G. Milne and J. H. Harvey137READ
An Oxford City Election in 1687 as depicted by Egbert Van Heemskerk. By H. S. Rogers154READ
Drawings by J. B. Malchair in Corpus Christi College. By H. Minn159READ
The Foundation and History of the Camden Chair. By H. Stuart Jones169READ
Archaeological Notes. By E. T. Leeds and R. J. C. Atkinson193READ
Archaeological Finds in the City of Oxford. 202READ
The East Gate of Oxford. By R. L. Rickard203READ
Robert Streater and All Souls College Chapel. By M. R. Toynbee205READ
The Oriel College Lawsuit, 1724-26. By F. J. Varley206READ
Reviews. 209READ
Bibliography. 217READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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