Volume 77 LXXVII (2012)

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An Early Romano-British Villa at Combe East End. By George Speake1READ
From Goring towards Henley: The Course, History and Significance of a Medieval Oxfordshire Routeway. By R. B. Peberdy91READ
Woodwork Tools in Early Modern Oxford. By Michael Fleming107READ
An Oxford College and the Eighteenth-Century Gothic Revival. By Oliver Cox117READ
Development or Destruction? E.A. Freeman and the Debate on Church Restoration, 183951. By Jonathan Conlin137READ
Excavation of Late Neolithic Pits, an Early Bronze-Age Ring Ditch and an Early Iron-Age Pit Alignment at Church Farm, Thame. By Andy Taylor153READ
The Archaeology of the Cleeve to Fyfield Water Main, South Oxfordshire: Excavations in 20067. By Jonathan Hart and E. R. McSloy199READ
Medieval and Later Activity at Said Business School, Park End Street, Oxford. By Steven Teague267READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford, 2011. By David Radford289READ
Archaeological Work in Oxfordshire, 2011. By Hugh Coddington and Richard Oram292READ
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Oxfordshire, 2011. By Anni Byard297READ
Tree-Ring Dating Supported by OAHS Third Report. By Daniel Miles and Ruth Gibson300READ
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