Volume 75 LXXV (2010)

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Thames Crossings near Wallingford from Roman to Early Norman Times. By A. J. Grayson1READ
The Two Anglo-Saxon Burhs of Oxford. By Jeremy Haslam15READ
'Have you Found Anything Interesting?' Exploring Late-Saxon and Medieval Urbanism at Wallingford: Sources, Results, and Questions. By N. Christie and O. Creighton35READ
Monastic Town Planning at Abingdon. By Roger M. Thomas49READ
The Founders of the Oxford Architectural Society. By Peter Howell61READ
Industrial Architecture in Oxford, 1870 to 1914. By Liz Woolley67READ
Excavation of Early Bronze-Age Cremations and a Later Iron-Age Settlement at Finmere Quarry, North-East Oxfordshire. By Jonathan Hart and David Kenyon97READ
Later Iron-Age Settlement and Burial near Aves Ditch: Excavations on the Angelinos Pumping Station to Ardley Reservoir Mains Pipeline Reinforcement. By Jonathan Hart and E. R. McSloy133READ
Anglo-Saxon Pits and a Medieval Kitchen at The Queen’s College, Oxford. By Andrew Norton and James Mumford165READ
Archaeological Work in Oxford City, 2009. By David Radford219READ
Archaeological Work in the County, 2009. By Paul Smith222READ
Sir William Herschel: the Originator of Fingerprinting and Oxford All-Rounder. By Ann Spokes-Symonds225READ
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