Volume 74 LXXIV (2009)

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Excavations at Oxford Castle: Oxford’s Western Quarter from the Mid-Saxon Period to the Late Eighteenth Century. By Daniel Poore and Andrew Norton1READ
Fourteenth-century Ways of Seeing: the Chancel Wall Paintings at Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. By Catherine Oakes19READ
‘Cutting One’s Coat According to One’s Cloth’: the Clothes of an Unremarkable Woman in the Seventeenth Century. By Barbara Allison35READ
Ecclesiology and Education: the Impact of the Oxford Movement on Educational Building in Oxfordshire. By Barbara Dennis53READ
A History of the Garden of Elsfield Manor, Oxford. By Paige L. Johnson71READ
Puncturing an Oxford Myth: the Truth about the ‘Infamous’ O’Sheas and the Oxford University Museum. By Blair J. Gilbert87READ
Middle Iron Age Occupation at Ells Lane, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire. By Steve Ford113READ
Roman and Late Saxon Occupation at 61 Priory Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire. By Sean Wallis127READ
The Medieval and Post-medieval Graveyard of St Peter-le-Bailey at Bonn Square, Oxford. By Helen Webb and Andrew Norton137READ
Excavations at Magdalen College School, Oxford. By Andrew Norton181READ
Another Giant ‘Peasant’ House? The Site Identification of Priory Cottages, Steventon, Oxfordshire. By C. R. J. Currie185READ
E. A. Greening Lamborn: Benefactor of Oxoniensia. By Diana Wood190READ
'The Story of Architecture in Oxford Stone' by E. A. Greening Lamborn. By David Clark198READ
'Reason in Arithmetic' by E. A. Greening Lamborn. By David Harding200READ
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