Volume 72 LXXII (2007)

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Aspects of Recusancy in Oxfordshire: the case of Owen Fletcher of Woodstock (1553 – c. 1635). By Mary Hodges1READ
The Hundred Books and Rural Debt: Shrivenham Hundred in the Seventeenth Century. By Joan Dils9READ
Changes through Time: John Combes’s Charity School, its Architecture, Function and History. By David Clark and Diana Wood19READ
Bury Knowle House in Context: its Design, History and Architecture. By Rhona Walker37READ
The Basque Refugee Children in Oxfordshire during the Spanish Civil War: Politically Charged Project or Humanitarian Endeavour?. By Meirian Jump55READ
The Excavation of Iron Age, Roman, Medieval, and Civil War Features South of the Vineyard, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. By Rebecca Devaney73READ
Excavations at Abingdon West Central Redevelopment: Iron Age, Roman, Medieval, and Post-medieval Activity in Abingdon. By Kate Brady and Alex Smith107READ
Roman and Medieval Occupation at 47-53 High Street, Burford, Oxfordshire. By Sarah Coles and Jennifer Lowe203READ
An Oxfordshire Roman Millefiori Disc. By Carol Anderson219READ
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