Volume 70 LXX (2005)

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A Left-Hander Handaxe from Upperton, near Watlington, Oxfordshire and its Geological Context. By Vicky Winton and Helen Walkington1READ
The Medieval Buildings of University College, Oxford. By Robin Darwall-Smith9READ
Long Term Trends in Landownership, 1500–1914: Berkshire and Oxfordshire. By Ted Collins and Michael Havinden27READ
Two Monuments at Little Rollright, Oxfordshire: William Blower and the Dixon Family. By Adrienne Rosen51READ
The Missing Diaries of the Venerable Alfred Pott, BD (1822–1908), First Principal of Cuddesdon College and Archdeacon of Berkshire. By Nigel Hammond71READ
Excavation of a Peterborough Ware Pit at Wallingford, Oxfordshire. By Andy Richmond79READ
Iron Age and Roman features at Eastfield House, Brasenose Driftway, Oxford. By Clare Challis97READ
Early Roman Occupation at Jubilee Villa, 21 The Moorlands, Benson, Oxfordshire. By Jo Pine115READ
Prehistoric and Early Roman Field Systems at Halifax House, South Parks Road, Oxford. By Sian Anthony129READ
Prehistoric and Roman activity and a Civil War Ditch: Excavations at the Chemistry Research Laboratory, 2–4 South Parks Road, Oxford. By Philippa Bradley and Bethan Charles141READ
Excavations along the Newbury Reinforcement Pipeline: Iron Age-Roman Activity and a Neolithic Pit Group. By Jane Timby and Dan Stansbie203READ
A Late Medieval Inn at the White Hart Hotel, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. By Edmund Simons and Jane Phimester309READ
Excavations in St John’s College Oxford, 2003. By Steve Lawrence325READ
Excavations at St Hilda’s College, Cowley Place, Oxford. By Andrew Norton and David Thomason333READ
‘Cellular Markings’ at the Cottage, Newnham Murren. By David Clark337READ
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