Volume 69 LXIX (2004)

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The 1298/1300 Perambulations of Wychwood Forest – and after. By Beryl Schumer1READ
Bradford’s Brook, Wallingford. By A. J. Grayson29READ
A Boy at Ewelme School, 1464-5. By Nicholas Orme45READ
The Medieval Manor at Stanton St John: a 700th anniversary?. By Nigel Gilmour51READ
The Family and Connections of John Wilkins, 1614-72. By C. S. L. Davies93READ
Church Life in an Early Nineteenth-Century Market Town: a Letter from Faringdon, Oxfordshire. By Andrew Sargent109READ
An Early Iron Age Occupation Site, a Roman Shrine and Other Prehistoric Activity at Coxwell Road, Faringdon, Oxfordshire. By Steven D. G. Weaver and Steve Ford119READ
Excavations of an Iron Age Site at Coxwell Road, Faringdon. By J. Cook and E, B. A. Guttman181READ
Iron Age and Roman Activity at Watchfield Triangle. By Richard Heawood287READ
An Iron Age and Early Romano-British Site at Hatford Quarry, Sandy Lane, Hatford. By Paul Booth and Andy Simmonds319READ
Iron Age and Romano-British Remains at Filkins and Carterton. By Laurent Coleman and Annette Hancocks355READ
Iron Age and Saxon Settlement at Jugglers Close, Banbury. By Charlotte Stevens385READ
Bonus Eventus Again: a Cornelian Intaglio at Chalgrove. By Martin Henig417READ
Seven ‘Treasures’ from Oxfordshire: Recent Purchases by Oxfordshire County Museum Service. By Martin Henig and Lauren Gilmour418READ
St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford. By John Moore422READ
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