Volume 68 LXVIII (2003)

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Post-medieval Oxfordshire, 1540-2000 (The Tom Hassall Lecture for 2001). By Julian Munby1READ
Possible Iron Age ‘Banjo’ Enclosures on the Lambourn Downs. By Helen Winton15READ
Medieval Inscriptions in Oxfordshire. By Jerome Bertram27READ
John Stanbridge, Early Tudor Teacher and Grammarian of Oxford and Banbury. By Margaret Martins55READ
The Bromes of Holton Hall: A Forgotten Recusant Family. By John Fox69READ
The Rise and Fall of Jacobitism in Oxford. By Jonathan Oates89READ
The Restoration of Iffley Parish Church. By Geoffrey Tyack113READ
Excavation of Neolithic, Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age and Early Saxon Features at St. Helen’s Avenue, Benson, Oxfordshire. By Jo Pine and Steve Ford131READ
Excavation of a Bronze Age Barrow at the proposed Centre for Gene Function, South Parks Road, Oxford, 2002. By Ceridwen Boston and Catherine Bowater179READ
Prehistoric Settlement and Roman Pottery Production at Blackbird Leys, Oxford. By Paul Booth and Grace Edgeley-Long201READ
Excavation of Part of a Third-century Roman Settlement and Later Roman Road at Stowford Road, Barton, Oxford. By Jo Pine263READ
Excavations at Manor Farm, Drayton, Oxfordshire. By Dana Challinor and David Petts279READ
Archaeological Investigations in 2001 at the Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. By Graham D. Keevill315READ
The West Gate of Oxford Castle: Excavations at Boreham’s Yard, Tidmarsh Lane, Oxford, 1994-5. By Paul Booth363READ
A Cornelian Intaglio from Bridewell Farm, North Leigh, Rediscovered. By Martin Henig425READ
Recent Discoveries at Alchester and Woodeaton. By M. Dunkley426READ
A New Romano-British Settlement Enclosure at Tusmore DMV. By Andy Mudd427READ
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