Volume 63 LXIII (1998)

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Oxford Archaeological Unit: The First Twenty-Five Years. By David Miles1READ
In Search of the Port-way: Excavations in the Area of the Moated Site North of St Mary's Church in Kidlington. By Eberhard Sauer11READ
The Anglo-Saxon Estate of Readanora and the Manor of Pyrton Oxfordshire. By Madeline Hammond23READ
Medieval Finds on Walton Street, Oxford and the Settlement and Farmhouse of Walton. By R. R. Inskeep43READ
The Hermits and Anchorites of Oxfordshire. By E. A. Jones51READ
The Tomb Beneath the Loft. By Jerome Bertram79READ
The Grounds of Magdalen College 1480-1880. By John Steane and 9191READ
The Early History of Jesus College, Oxford, 1571-1603. By Brigid Allen105READ
The New People of East Oxford: The Suburbanisation of Cowley, 1851-91. By James Nash125READ
More Votive Finds from Woodeaton, Oxfordshire. By Jean Bagnall Smith147READ
Roman and Medieval Finds from St Birinus Primary School, Dorchester, Oxfordshire. By Leigh J. Torrance and Tess Durden187READ
The Archaeology of the Ashbury to Bishopstone Pipeline, South Oxfordshire/Wiltshire 1993. By Melanie Hall199READ
Archaeological Discoveries at Woodeaton Church. By John Blair221READ
A Roman Intaglio from Frilford. By Roger Goodburn and Martin Henig239READ
Neville, Babthorpe and the Serjeants: Three Fifteenth Century Feast Menus. By Lisa Jefferson241READ
An Early Eighteenth-Century List of Churchyard Crosses in Oxfordshire. By Nicholas Doggett250READ
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