Volume 60 LX (1995)

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Excavation of a Mesolithic Site at Windmill Hill, Nettlebed, Oxon. By W. A. Boismier and L. N. Mepham1READ
The Excavation of a Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Site at Eight Acre Field, Radley. By A. Mudd21READ
A Middle Iron Age Settlement at Deer Park Road, Witney: Excavations in 1992. By G. T. Walker67READ
Iron Age and Roman Settlement at Old Shifford Farm, Standlake. By G. Hey93READ
Interim Report on the Votive Material from Romano-Celtic Temple Sites in Oxfordshire. By J. Bagnall Smith177READ
Excavations on the Line of the City Defences at New College, Oxford, 1993. By P. M. Booth205READ
Excavations at Jowett Walk. By M. R. Roberts225READ
Excavations at the Bodleian Library Exhibition Room, Oxford. By M. R. Roberts247READ
Containing Wallingford Castle, 1146-53. By M. Spurrell257READ
A Study of the Grotesque 14th-Century Sculpture at Adderbury, Bloxham, and Hanwell in its Architectural Context. By J. Goodall271READ
Swalcliffe: A New College Barn in the Fifteenth Century. By J. T. Munby and J. Steane333READ
'To Perfect the College . . . ' - the Christ Church Almsmen 1546-1888. By J. Curthoys379READ
Corruption and the Oxford Elections of 1857. By A. C. Windscheffel397READ
An Iron Socketed Axehead from the River Thames, Buscot, Oxfordshire. By A. Barclay and V. Fell417READ
Some Roman and Pre-Roman Settlements and Roads by the Confluence of the Cherwell and the Ray near Otmoor. By C. J. Cheetham419READ
Plot Adjacent to 4, Hethe Road, Hardwick, Oxon. By J. Moore426READ
Bell Lane and North Street, Thame. By J. Moore429READ
The Shrine of St. Mary, Caversham. By P. Preece and M. Kift431READ
42A, High Street, Milton, Oxon.. By J. M. Cormier432READ
Old Chapel Cottage, East Hendred, Oxon.. By J. M. Cormier434READ
The 17th-Century Cavalier's Costume from Stanton Harcourt. By L. Gilmour439READ
The Oxford Almanack for 1724. By H. M. Petter and J. R. Bradshaw451READ
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