Volume 58 LVIII (1993)

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A Mesolithic Site at New Plantation, Fyfield and Tubney, Oxfordshire. By P. Bradley and G. Hey1READ
Iron Age and Later Settlement to the West of All Saints' Parish Church, Didcot, Oxon. By R. A. Chambers27READ
Excavations at Whitehouse Road, Oxford, 1992. By A. Mudd33READ
A Romano-British Kiln Site at Lower Farm, Nuneham Courtenay, and Other Sites on the Didcot to Oxford and Wootton to Abingdon Water Mains, Oxfordshire. By P. Booth and A. Boyle et al87READ
Some Differences Between Seignorial Demesnes in Medieval Oxfordshire. By D. Postles219READ
The Sculpture over the Gatehouse at Merton College, Oxford. By A. J. Bott and J. R. L. Highfield233READ
Some Murals in North-East Oxfordshire. By J. Edwards241READ
Berkshire and Oxfordshire Catholics and the Lenten Assize of 1588. By M. Gosling253READ
Made in Oxford: John Prujean's 1701 Catalogue of Mathematical Instruments. By D. J. Bryden263READ
Building Work on the North range of the Front Quadrangle of St. Edmund Hall, 1741-8. By H. E. J. Cowdrey287READ
A Molluscan Analysis from a Late Iron Age Linear Ditch at Moulsford, South Oxfordshire. By G. Mees and S. Ford305READ
A Note on the Excavation of Some Parish Boundaries in the Vale of White Horse, Oxfordshire. By J. Hunn309READ
The Parish Church of St. Giles, Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire. By S. Fletcher313READ
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