Volume 56 LVI (1991)

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Obituary: Professor R. H. C. Davis. By John BlairREAD
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Prehistoric Activity, Early Roman Building, Tenement Yards and Gardens behind Twickenham House, Abingdon. By R. Wilson and J. Wallis1READ
The Infirmary and Hall of the Medieval Hospital of St. John the Baptist at Oxford. By B. Durham17READ
The Medieval Manuscripts of Trinity College, Oxford: Addendum. By R. Gameson77READ
The Other Wall Paintings at South Newington. By J. Edwards103READ
Some Bampton Letters of the Late Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century. By I. M. W. Harvey111READ
Edward Pococke (1604-91), the First laudian Professor of Arabic at Oxford. By P. M. Holt119READ
A Classification by Subject of the Oxford Almanacks, 1674-1991. By J. R. Bradshaw131READ
The Oxford Installation of 1759. By R. Sharp145READ
The Oxford War Memorial: Thomas Rayson and the Chester Connection. By A. Bruce155READ
A Cornelian Intaglio from Blackthorn Hill, near Bicester. By M. Henig and S. Hornby169READ
A ?Radiate Brooch from Little Milton, Oxfordshire. By H. Hamerow and C. Mortimer171READ
The Deserted Medieval Settlement at Wretchwick, Ambrosden, Oxon., and the Bicester Ring Road. By R. A. Chambers173READ
Reviews. 177READ
Index. 182READ
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