Volume 53 LIII (1988)

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Saint Frideswide's Monastery at Oxford: Archaeological and Architectural Studies. 1
Saint Frideswide's Monastery at Oxford: Archaeological and Architectural Studies. By J. Blair1READ
Thornbury, Binsey: a Probable Defensive Enclosure associated with Saint Frideswide. By John Blair3READ
Excavations in the Cloister of St. Frideswide's Priory, 1985. By Christopher Scull21READ
Excavations in the Latin Chapel and outside the East End of Oxford Cathedral, Winter 1962/3. By David Sturdy75READ
Medieval Floor-Tiles from St. Frideswide's Priory. By Julia Green103READ
The 12th-Century Church of St. Frideswide's Priory. By Richard Halsey115READ
The Gothic Mouldings of the Latin and Lady Chapels. By Richard K. Morris169READ
Christ Church, Priory House: Discoveries in St. Fridcswide's Dormitory. By Julian Munby185READ
The Roof Carpentry of Oxford Cathedral. By John Ashdown and Ian Fisher195READ
Wolsey's Bell-Tower. By Martin Biddle205READ
The Great Staircase Tower at Christ Church. By Mavis Batey and Catherine Cole211READ
St. Frideswide's Monaslery: Problems and Possibilities. By John Blair221READ
An Early Medieval Floor-Tile From St. Frideswide's Minster. By Martin Biddle and Birthe Kjolbye- Biddle259READ
The Gold Finger-Ring from a Burial in Sl. Aldate's Street, Oxford. By J. A. Graham-Campbell263READ
An Early 12th-Century Purbeck Marble Graveslab from St. Frideswide's Priory. By John Blair266READ
An Unpublished 12th-Century Wall-Painting at Sl. Frideswide's Priory. By David Sturdy268READ
The Late 12th-Century Seal of St. Frideswide's Priory. By T. A. Heslop271READ
Catherine of Aragon's Visit to the Shrine of St. Frideswide. By J. R. Highfield274READ
The North Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch: a Fieldwork Survey. By T. Copeland277READ
Excavations at Bury Close, Fawler, Oxford. By T. G. Allen293READ
Benjamin Woodroffe of the Greek College. By A. H. Barrett317READ
A Williamite Reprobate?: Edward Nares and the Investigation of his Failure in 1832 to Deliver his Lectures. By J. Black337READ
Degree Plays. By J. R. Elliott341READ
Oxoniensia and the Study of Early Wine Bottles: a New Example dated 1659. By M. Biddle342READ
The Siege of Oxford and the Revolution of 1688. By J. Munby346READ
The Wayside Cross at Sarsden: a 19th-Century Folly?. By N. Doggett347READ
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