Volume 52 LII (1987)

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Excavations on the Cursus at Drayton, Oxon.. By R. Ainslie and J. Wallis et al1READ
Fieldwalking at Spelsburydown and in the Chadlington Area. By A. Mudd11READ
Roman Roads South and East of Dorchester-on-Thames. By F. J. Malpas23READ
The Late- and Sub-Roman Cemetery at Queenford Farm, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxon. By R. A. Chambers35READ
Saint Frideswide Reconsidered. By J. Blair71READ
Anglo-Saxon Estates in the Vale of the White Horse. By D. Hooke129READ
A Military Effigy in Dorchester Abbey, Oxon. By P. J. Lankester145READ
A Regency Regius: the Historian Edward Nares. By J. Black173READ
Palaeolithic Artefacts from Stanton Harcourt. By R. J. MacRae179READ
Sections across the Roman Road south of Alchester. By R. A. Chambers181READ
An Anglo-Saxon Gilt-bronze Lozenge-shaped Mount from Culham. By N. Hood and G. Speake184READ
The Hook Norton Hoard of 1848: a Viking Burial from Oxfordshire?. By M. Biddle and J. Blair186READ
A 12th-Century Stone Cresset Lamp from Oxford. By S. Penney196READ
The Two Stained Glass Panels at Bix. By H. Wayment198READ
Edward Hutchins and the Case of Queen Elizabeth's Greedy Courtiers. By J. M. Fletcher and C. A. Upton201READ
A Whig Principal of Jesus. By W. T. Gibson204READ
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The Late- and Sub-Roman Cemetery at Queenford Farm, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxon (fiche). By R. A. ChambersFicheREAD
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