Volume 51 LI (1986)

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Mesolithic, Neolithic and Earlier Bronze Age Settlement Patterns South-West of Oxford. By R. Holgate1READ
An Early Iron Age Site at Wytham Hill, near Cumnor, Oxford. By H. C. Mytum15READ
The Devil's Churchyard: an Iron Age Enclosure at Checkendon, Oxon., 1979-81. By R. A. Chambers25READ
A Roman Timber Bridge at Ivy Farm, Fencott with Murcott, Oxon 1979. By R. A. Chambers31READ
Romano-British Burials from Wroxton, Oxon, 1980. By R. A. Chambers37READ
An Inhumation Cemetery at Castle Hill, Little Wittenham, Oxon. 1984-5. By R. A. Chambers45READ
The Anglo-Saxon See and cathedral of Dorchester-on-Thames: the Evidence Reconsidered. By N. Doggett49READ
Hook Norton, regia villa. By J. Blair63READ
The Acquisition and Administration of Spiritualities by Oseney Abbey. By D. Postles69READ
The Evaluation in 1971 and 1979 of an Assart Farmstead in Slope Copse, Glympton, Oxon. By P. J. Fasham79READ
Richard Quatremains: a 15th-century Esquire and Knight of the Shire for Oxfordshire. By J. T. Driver87READ
Some Wood Family Letters from Oxford, 1659-1719. By E. Wood105READ
Richard Blechinden: the first Provost of Worcester College, Oxford. By A. H. Barrett139READ
The Assize of Bread in 18th-century Oxford. By W. Thwaiter171READ
A Reinterpretation of the Abingdon Causewayed Enclosure. By R. Bradley183READ
A Flint Chisel from Abingdon. By N. Hood and J. Wallis187READ
The Eynsham Bypass, Oxon., 1982. By R. A. Chambers188READ
A Roman Villa at Chilswell Farm, Boars Hill, Oxon.. By N. Donald and S. Crawford189READ
A Section across the Roman Road north of Dorchester-on-Thames, 1981. By R. A. Chambers193READ
The Foundation of Goring Priory. By John Blair194READ
Buscot, Oxon.: Medieval Settlement. By M. Mellor and D. G. Wilson197READ
A new Manuscript of Nicholas of Lynn's Kalendarium. By M. P. Kuczynski198READ
Filling a Regius Chair: Patronage and the Divinity Chair in 1741. By J. Black200READ
Marriage for Oxford and Cambridge Fellows: A Plea of 1762. By J. Black201READ
Nonconformist Chapels in Oxfordshire, 1984. By B. J. Marpled and M. J. Marples203READ
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