Volume 50 L (1985)

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The Roman Coins from Lowbury Hill. By J. A. Davies1READ
Four Oxfordshire Anglo-Saxon Charter Boundaries. By J. Cooper15READ
Investigations at Tackley Church, Oxfordshire, 1981-4: The Anglo-Saxon and Romanesque Phases. By J. Blair and B. McKay25READ
Early Domestic Sites in Oxford: Excavations in Cornmarket and Queen Street, 1959-1962. By D. Sturdy and J. Munby47READ
Oseney Abbey, Oxford: Archaeological Investigations, 1975-83. By J. Sharpe95READ
Further Investigations on the Second Site of the Dominican Priory, Oxford. By G. Lambrick131READ
St. Leonard's Chapel, Clanfield. By J. Blair209READ
The Deserted Medieval Village of Thomley, Oxfordshire. By B. Holden215READ
The Kelmscott Wall-Paintings. By J. Edwards239READ
A 'Learned Tragedy' at Trinity?. By J. R. Elliott247READ
Charterville and the Chartist Land Company. By K. Tiller251READ
A Don's Wife a Century Ago. By C. Colvin267READ
An Oxfordshire Face-Neck Flagon from Beedon, Berks. By S. Green279READ
A Late Saxon Sword from Cromarsh. By A. MacGregor281READ
Regulating Oxford: Ministerial Intentions in 1719. By J. Black283READ
A Canterbury Pilgrim Badge from Standlake Old Rectory. By J. Blair283READ
A 19th-Century Excavation on Port Meadow, Oxford. By S. Penney285READ
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Further Investigations on the Second Site of the Dominican Priory, Oxford: Fiche. FicheREAD
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