Volume 44 XLIV (1979)

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List of Officers. READ
Excavations at Stert Street, Abingdon, Oxford. By M. Parrington1READ
Sampling a Profile of Town Soil-Accumulation: 57, East St. Helen's Street, Abingdon. By R. Wilson and R. Thomas et al26READ
Grain Issues from Some Properties of Oseney Abbey, 1274-1348. By D. Postles30READ
The Economy of Exeter College, 1400-1500. By A. F. Butcher38READ
Two early Cruck Houses in South Oxfordshire. By J. Blair55READ
The Foundation of Worcester College, Oxford. By L. Sutherland62READ
The Building of Oxford Covered Market. By M. Graham81READ
An Axe-Head from Charney Bassett. By N. Stebbing92READ
A Middle Bronze Age Spearhead from Merton. By B. O'Connor93READ
A Possible La Tene III Inhumation from Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire. By R. Whimster93READ
The Roman Settlement at Kingstonhill Farm, in the Parish of Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire. By R. Cowell96READ
Inhumations and Roman Settlement Features at Box Hill, Abingdon, Oxon.. By D. Wilson97READ
Excavations at Westcote Barton Parish Church, Oxon., 1977. By R. A. Chambers99READ
Two Leather Offcuts with Quality-Control Marks from the Moat of Oxford Castle. By G. Egan101READ
Medieval Pottery from Oakley, near Chinnor, Oxon. 1978. By R. A. Chambers and M. Mellor104READ
Eynsham Abbey. 104READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1978. 106READ
Reviews. 107READ
Rear cover. Rear coverREAD

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