Volume 43 XLIII (1978)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Roman Burials around Dorchester-on-Thames. By M. Harman and G. Lambrick et al1READ
Rescue excavation in Dorchester-on-Thames. By R. Bradley17READ
The Archaeology of the Charlbury to Arncott Gas Pipeline, 1972. By R. A. Chambers40READ
Frewin Hall, Oxford: a Norman Mansion and a Monastic College. By J. Blair48READ
Excavations on the Site of Eynsham Abbey, 1971. By M. Gray and N. Clayton100READ
J. C. Buckler, Tackley's Inn and Three Mediaeval Houses in Oxford. By J. Munby123READ
Post-Restoration Bishops of Winchester as Visitors of Oxford Colleges. By R. K. Pugh170READ
Working-class Housing in Oxfordshire. By C. Paine et al188READ
'Oxford Jackson'. By A. Martin216READ
Public Library Facilities in Oxford before 1914. By M. Graham222READ
A Survey on the Condition of Oxfordshire Long Barrows. By L. Brown241READ
A Bronze Age Socketed Tool from Blewbury. By B. O'Connor245READ
Three Bronze Age Implements from the Thames. By R. Thomas246READ
Roman Trinket-Rings from Oxfordshire. By M. Robinson249READ
Two Radio-Carbon Dates for the Romano-British Cemetery and Settlement at Curbridge, Oxon.. By R. A. Chambers252READ
A Secondary Burial on Shipton Barrow, Oxon., 1976. By R. A. Chambers253READ
A Saxon Church at Cottisford?. By H. Milnes-Walker255READ
Some Recent Medieval Acquisitions by the Oxfordshire County Council Museums. By N. Stebbing and S. Gosling256READ
Nuneham Courtenay - Goldsmith's Deserted Village. By M. Batey258READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1977. 259READ
St. Paul's Church, Walton Street, Oxford. By A. Litvinoff260READ
Reviews. 261READ
Rear cover. Rear coverREAD

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