Volume 42 XLII (1977)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Northfield Farm, Long Wittenham. By M. Gray1READ
Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Oxon. By M. Parrington30READ
Romano-British and Saxon Sites near Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. By J. May42READ
First Century A.D. Finds from Mill Lane, Benson, Oxon. By M. Parrington and C. D. De Roche80READ
Archaeological Investigations in St. Aldate's, Oxford. By B. Durham83READ
Excavations at Wallingford, 1974. By T. J. Weare204READ
Observations at Somerton, Oxon, 1973. By R. A. Chambers216READ
The Date of John Rous's List of the Colleges and Academical Halls of Oxford. By T. H. Aston226READ
The Fortification of Oxford During the Civil War. By A. Kemp and 1977237READ
Merton Chapel in the Nineteenth Century. By M. Everitt247READ
A Crouched Pit Burial at Cassington Mill, Oxon., 1976. By R. A. Chambers256READ
A Roman Bronze Metal Shovel from Oxfordshire. By M. J. Green256READ
A Glass Ring from Shakenoak. By M. Henig260READ
A Floriate Cross Saucer Brooch from Longworth, Oxfordshire. By D. Miles and M. Welch262READ
A Missing Brass Figure from Caversfield Identified. By R. Emmerson264READ
A Medieval Bronze Mount and Pendants from Oxfordshire. By M. Welch265READ
Pottery from Peckwater Quadrangle, Christ Church, Oxford. By B. Durham and M. Mellor265READ
A Medieval Pottery Group from 18 Walton Street, Oxford. By M. Welch266READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeoloigical Committee in 1976. 269READ
A Note on the St. Scholastica's Day Riot. By A. Beardwood269READ
Reviews. 271READ
Rear cover. Rear coverREAD

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