Volume 40 XL (1975)

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List of Officers. READ
Excavations in Abingdon, 1972-4. 1
Introduction: The Abingdon Excavation Comntittee. By D. Miles1READ
Excavations at Broad Street. By Michael Parrington and Chris Balkwill5READ
Excavations at the Old Gaol. By Michael Parrington59READ
Excavations at West St. Helen Street, 1972. By David Miles79READ
A Human Burial from Queen Street. and Michael Parrington102READ
Fairlawn Wharf. By Michael Parrington104READ
The Animal Bones from the Broad Street and Old Gaol Sites. By R. Wilson105READ
Excavations at Grim's Ditch, Mongewell, 1974. By J. Hinchliffe122READ
The Defences of Roman Alchester. By C. J. Young136READ
A Romano-British Settlement Site and Seventh-Century Burial, Ducklington, Oxon, 1974. By R. A. Chambers171READ
The Souldern Burials. By D. H. Kennett201READ
Excavations at No. 12 Market Place, Chipping Norton, Oxon, 1974. By R. A. Chambers211READ
Excavations at Hanwell, near Banbury, Oxon, 1974. By R. A. Chambers218READ
Three Fishponds at Thame, Oxon, 1973. By R. A. Chambers238READ
The Medieval Hall at Lewknor. By J. Fletcher247READ
126 High Street: The Archaeology and History of an Oxford House. By J. Munby254READ
An Elizabethan Survey of North Leigh, Oxfordshire. By B. Schumer309READ
A Signet-Ring from Roman Alchester. By M. Henig325READ
A Possible Blocked Entrance at the Iron Age Hill Fort of Uffington Castle. By B. O'Connor325READ
The Estate Stewards of Oseney Abbey, c. 1245-1340. By D. Postles326READ
Oddington Church. By E. H. W. Crusha328READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Committee in 1974. 329READ
A Bronze Clasp not from Water Eaton. By D. A. Hinton331READ
Reviews. 332READ
Rear cover. Rear coverREAD

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