Volume 39 XXXIX (1974)

Front cover. READ
Obituary: W. A. Pantin. By J. R. HighfieldREAD
Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Excavations at the Churchill Hospital, 1973: Interim Report. By C. J. Young1READ
The 'Overdale' Kiln Site at Boar's Hill near Oxford. By E. Harris and C. J. Young12READ
A Regression Analysis of some Late Romano-British Pottery: A Case Study. By M. Fulford and I. Hodder26READ
Small Excavations in Abingdon 1973. By M. Parrington34READ
The Iconography of the Alfred Jewel. By D. R. Howlett44READ
Excavations at Oxford, 1973-4: Sixth and Final Interim Report. By T. G. Hassall53READ
The Legatine award to Oxford in 1214 and Robert Grosteste. By G. Pollard62READ
A Fifteenth Century Wealden House in Oxford. By J. Munby73READ
Town and Gown in Tudor Oxford: A Note and Two Documents. By C. I. Hammer77READ
An Early Eighteenth Century Cartographic Record of an Oxfordshire Manor. By W. Ravenhill85READ
Two Accounts of the Death of Dr. Peter Vaughan, Warden of Merton College, Oxford. By J. R. L. Highfield92READ
The Devil's Quoits, Stanton Harcourt, Oxon.. By M. Gray96READ
A Gold Ring found near Oxford. By M. Henig97READ
A Medieval Sealing in Exeter College Archives. By M. Henig98READ
A Bronze Clasp from Water Eaton. By D. A. Hinton98READ
Bicester Priory. By D. A. Hinton99READ
Thame, Oxon.. By D. A. Hinton100READ
A Waterford Halfpenny of Edward I found at Dorchester. By N. J. Mayhew100READ
Scarf-Joints. 101READ
Reviews. 102READ
Rear cover. Rear coverREAD

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