Volume 38 XXXVIII (1973)

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List of Officers. READ
Excavations on the Route of the M.40. 1
Introduction: the Archaeology of the M40. By Trevor Rowley1READ
Sites 1 and 2 : A Romano-British Site at Camp Corner, Milton Common. By Margaret Grey6READ
Site 3: Excavations at an Iron Age Village at Hcath Farm. By Trevor Rowley23READ
Site 4: Excavations at Copt Hay, Tetsworth. By Mark Robinson41READ
Site 5: Excavations at Church Piece, Tetsworth. By David A. Hinton116READ
Site 6: Excavation at Postcombe. By Trevor Rowley119READ
Site 7 : Anglo-Saxon Burials at Postcombe, Lewknor. By David A. Hinton120READ
Sites 8-11 : Excavations near Lewknor. By P. J. Fasham124READ
Site 12 : A Cemetery Site at Beacon Hill, near Lewknor, Oxon. By R. A. Chambers138READ
Site 13: A Deserted Medieval Farmstead at Sadler's Wood, Lewknor. By R. A. Chambers146READ
Site 14: An Iron Age Enclosure at Hailey Wood, Lewknor. By R. A. Chambers168READ
Site 15: Unidentified Features at Stoney Close, Hill Farm, Stokenchurch. By R. A. Chambers174READ
Appendix 1 : Site Distribution. By M. A. Aston180READ
Appendix 2 : 'M.40 Ware'. By D. A. Hinton182READ
A Roman Pewter Hoard from Appleford, Berks. By D. Brown184READ
Excavations at the Churchill Hospital, 1972: Interim Report. By C. J. Young207READ
The Roman Kiln Site at St. Luke's Road, Cowley, Oxford. By C. J. Young215READ
The Site of Stephen Stone's Saxon Cemetery at Standlake. By D. Brown233READ
Excavations at Standlake Downs in 1954: The Anglo-Saxon Graves. By T. M. Dickinson239READ
The Ford, the River and the City. By R. H. C. Davis258READ
Excavations at Oxford, 1972: Fifth Interim Report. By T. G. Hassall268READ
The Medieval Crosses of Oxfordshire. By B. J. Marples299READ
Excavations in Banbury, 1972: First Report. By P. J. Fasham312READ
'The Great Barn', Lewknor: The Architectural Evidence. By M. C. J. Morrey and J. T. Smith339READ
The Raid on Chinnor and the Fight at Chalgrove Field. By J. Stevenson and A. Carter346READ
Charles Buckeridge and his Family. By A. Saint357READ
Old Age and the Oxfordshire Agricultural Labourer. By P. L. R. Horn373READ
Archaeological Notes, 1972-73. 381READ
New Wintles, Eynsham, Oxon.. By N. B. Clayton382READ
A New Beaker from Radley. By A. G. Sherratt384READ
A Romano-British Fragment of Military Equipment from Alchester. By G. Webster385READ
Three Bronze Figurines. By M. Henig and J. Munby386READ
Abingdon Addenda. By M. Avery and D. Brown387READ
Two Medieval Anthropomorphic Pots. By D. A. Hinton387READ
The Oxfordshire Local Committee of the National Register of Archives. By S. Barnes389READ
Reviews. 391READ
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