Volume 37 XXXVII (1972)

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List of Officers. READ
Field Work at Chastleton. By D. Benson and P. Fasham1READ
Excavations at the Churchill Hospital, 1971; Interim Report. By C. J. Young10READ
A Cemetery Site at Queensford Mill, Dorchester. By B. Durham and T. Rowley32READ
Roman Finds from the Radcliffe Science Library Extension, Oxford, 1970-1. By T. G. Hassall38READ
The 'Bird and Branch' Sceattas in the Light of a Find from Abingdon. By D. M. Metcalf51READ
Saxon Features at Abingdon. By M. Avery and D. Brown66READ
A Cutting across the Saxon Defences at Wallingford. By B. Durham and T. G. Hassall et al82READ
Medieval Wall Paintings in Oxfordshire Churches. By E. T. Long86READ
First Report on the Excavations at Middleton Stoney Castle, Oxfordshire, 1970-1. By T. Rowley109READ
Excavations at Oxford, 1971: Fouth Interim Report. By T. G. Hassall137READ
The Buildings of Godstow Nunnery. By D. Ganz150READ
Excavations at Dorchester Abbey. By C. J. K. Cunningham and J. W. Banks158READ
The Hundred Rolls for the Parish of St Thomas, Oxford. By J. Cooper165READ
Scarf-joints in the North Berkshire and Oxford Area. By C. R. J. Currie177READ
'The Great Barn', Lewknor: the Documentary Evidence. By H. L. Turner187READ
A Gazeteer of the Late Saxon and Medieval Objects in the Department of Antiquities, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. By A. C. Dickson and D. A. Hinton192READ
Some 16th and 17th Century Domestic Paintings in Oxford. By E. Clive Rouse198READ
Pauper Fortunes in Oxfordshire, 1660-1760. By J. A. Redwood208READ
The Topographical Collections of Henry Hinton (1749-1816) and James Hunt (1795-1857). By M. Clapinson215READ
The Horse-Trams of Oxford, 1881-1914. By H. W. Hart221READ
A Sites and Monuments Record for the Oxford Region. By D. Benson226READ
Archaeological Notes, 1971-72. 238READ
Excavations at Camp Corner, Milton Common, 1971. By M. Gray240READ
South Oxfordshire Motorway Route. 240READ
Roman Remains at Glyme Farm, Chipping Norton. By D. G. T. Eddershaw242READ
The Aston Rowant Treasure Trove. By J. P. C. Kent243READ
Excavations at the Saxon Church at Waterperry, Oxon.. By T. G. Hassall245READ
Excavations in St. Peter-in-the-East Church, Oxford. By D. A. M. Sturdy245READ
The Topography of Schools Street, Oxford. By J. Munby246READ
Excavations at Eynsham Abbey, 1971. By M. Gray246READ
Eynsham Armorial. By H. C. D. Cooper248READ
The Carfax Conduit. By M. Batey248READ
The Hermitage alias the Chequers at Standlake. By F. R. L. Goadsby249READ
Reviews. 252READ
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