Volume 34 XXXIV (1969)

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List of Officers. READ
Preliminary Note on the Early Anglo-Saxon Settlement at New Wintles Farm, Eynsham. By S. Chadwick Hawkes and M. Gray1READ
Excavations at Oxford 1968: First Interim Report. By T. G. Hassall5READ
Excavation at Bicester Priory, 1968. By D. A. Hinton21READ
Medieval Floor-tiles in the Church of St. Peter in the East, Oxford. By A. B. Emden29READ
Oxford Taverners and the Cellars of All Souls in the 17th and 18th centuries. By J. Haslam45READ
Some Old Roads of North Berkshire. By G. Lambrick78READ
Some Recent Buildings in Oxford: A View from Cambridge. By H. Plommer94READ
Archaeological Notes, 1968-69. By P. D. C. Brown104READ
A new tile design from Abingdon. By D. A. Hinton106READ
Roman Burials from Ardley, Oxon.. By D. Benson and P. D. C. Brown107READ
The Anglo-Saxon Grave from Battle Edge, Burford. By D. H. Kennett111READ
Bibliography. 116READ
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