Volume 33 XXXIII (1968)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
The South Oxfordshire Grim's Ditch and its Significance. By R. Bradley1READ
The Lower Icknield Way. By C. Morris and G. H. Hargreaves et al.14READ
Bicester Priory. By D. A. Hinton22READ
An Oxford Charter of 1191 and the Beginnings of Municipal Freedom. By R. H. C. Davis53READ
A Medieval Cistern from Churchill. By D. A. Hinton66READ
Crucks in the West Oxford and Berkshire Regions. By J. Fletcher71READ
All Souls College Archives. By E. F. Jacob89READ
The Building of the Tower of Five Orders in the Schools' Quadrangle at Oxford. By J. C. Cole92READ
Nuneham Courtenay; an Oxfordshire 18th-century Deserted Village. By M. Batey108READ
Christopher Holloway: an Oxfordshire Trade Union Leader. By P. L. R. Horn125READ
Bibliography. 136READ
Archaeological Notes: 1967-68. By P. D. C. Brown137READ
A Dobunnic Coin from Shakenoak. By D. R. Walker139READ

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