Volume 3 III (1938)

Contents. READ
The Geology of the Site of the Bodleian Extension in Broad Street. By W. J. Arkell1READ
Beakers of the Upper Thames District. By E. T. Leeds7READ
Further Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berks. By E. T. Leeds31READ
A Romano-British Site at Bloxham, Oxon. By W. F. J. Knight41READ
The Pre-Reformation Sites of the Oxford Blackfriars. By W. A. Hinnebusch57READ
Notes on the History of Mediaeval Oxford. By M. D. Lobel83READ
Two Effigies in the Churches of Asthall and Cogges in Oxfordshire. By E. R. Price103READ
The Oxfordshire County Records Office and its Records. By H. M. Walton111READ
Cropredy Bridge. By M. R. Toynbee and J. J. Leeming123READ
The Woodstock Glove Industry. By T. E. Schulz139READ
Glass Vessels of the XVI Century and later from the Site of the Bodleian Extension in Broad Street. By E. T. Leeds153READ
The Centenary of the Society. 162READ
Membership. 162READ
Archaeological Notes. 163READ
Four Polished Stone Axes. By E. T. Leeds168READ
Marks seen from the Air in the Crops near Dorchester, Oxon. By G. W. G. Allen169READ
Three Ancient British Coins found in Oxfordshire. By C. H. V. Sutherland171READ
Finds made during Building-works in the City of Oxford. 172READ
Four Mediaeval Bronze Buckles. By E. T. Leeds174READ
Further Notes on de Gomme's Plan of Oxford, 1644. By F. J. Varley175READ
The Ancient Clock from Combe Church, Oxon. By D. B. Harden175READ
Note on the Royalist Defences of Oxford. By R. T. Lattey177READ
The Sub-Committee for Old Houses. 177READ
Reviews. 179READ
Index. 184READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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