Volume 29 XXIX-XXX (1964-1965)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Excavations at City Farm, Hanborough, Oxon. By H. Case and N. Bayne et al1READ
Ridge and Furrow in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. By J. E. G. Sutton99READ
Some Documentary Sidelights on the Deserted Oxfordshire Village of Brookend. By T. H. Lloyd116READ
Abingdon and the Riots of 1327. By G. Lambrick129READ
Carfax Conduit. By J. C. Cole142READ
The Election of Lord Salisbury as Chancellor of the University of Oxford in 1869. By J. F. A. Mason167READ
Archaeological Notes:1962-63. By D. Sturdy and H. Sutermeister190READ
An Eighth-Century Find at Banbury. By D. M. Metcalf193READ
Note on an Example of the Royal Arms in Stadhampton Church, Oxon.. By E. C. Rouse and P. S. Spokes194READ
A Further Note on the Houses at 64, 65, 66 St. Thomas' Street. By J. Doran195READ
Reviews. 199READ
Bibliography. 211READ

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