Volume 28 XXVIII (1963)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Excavations of Ring-Ditches and Other Sites at Stanton Harcourt. By Ann Hamlin1READ
Notes on the Finds and on Ring-Ditches in the Oxford Region. By H. Case19READ
The Plush Industry of Oxfordshire. By R. P. Beckinsale53READ
The Boundary and Woodlands of Shotover Forest c. 1298. By E. Roberts68READ
Salomon Israel, Writing Master in Oxford, 1745 - alias Ignatius Dumay. By C. Roth74READ
The Church Band at Swalcliffe. By M. Byrne79READ
The Barbers' Company. A University Gild.. By J. L. Bolton84READ
Archaeological Notes. By D. Sturdy and H. Case87READ
A Beaker-Culture Burial at Dorchester, Oxford. By W. G. Simpson and H. Case93READ
Tusk of Mammoth in the Flood-Plain Gravels at Wolvercote. By J. S. Shillitoe93READ
Traces of Saxon Nomadic Life near Oxford. By D. Sturdy95READ
St Mary's Jacobean Pinnacles. By I. G. Philip98READ
An Early View of Oxford. By L. Herrmann99READ
Reviews. 100READ
Bibliography. 107READ
Index. 109READ

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