Volume 26 XXVI-XXVII (1961-1962)

Contents. READ
Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Excavations at Purwell Farm, Cassington. By G. J. Dawson1READ
A late Romano-British site at Wally Corner, Dorchester. By J. E. G. Sutton7READ
Recent Excavations in Christ Church and Nearby. By D. Sturdy19READ
Excavations at Logic Lane, Oxford. The prehistoric and early medieval finds. By F. Radcliffe38READ
The Deserted Medieval Village of Seacourt, Berkshire. By M. Biddle70READ
The Remuneration of the Medieval Proctors of the University of Oxford. By A. B. Emden202READ
Cruck Cottage in Chuch Lane, Harwell. By J. M. Fletcher207READ
The Painted Roof of the Old Library, Christ Church. By D. Sturdy and E. Clive Rouse et al215READ
Bicester in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. By G. H. Dannatt244READ
William Turner of Oxford (1789-1862). By L. Herrmann312READ
Houses of the Oxford Region: 3. Hill House, Burford. By D. Sturdy319READ
Houses of the Oxford Region: 4. The Old Manor House, Poffley End, Hailey, Oxon. By D. Sturdy321READ
Houses of the Oxford Region: 5. Eleven Small Oxford Houses. By D. Sturdy and G. J. Dawson et al323READ
Houses of the Oxford Region: 6. Begbroke Hill Farm. By D. Sturdy332READ
Archaeological Notes. By D. Sturdy and H. Case336READ
St. Andrew's, Headington. By A. B. Emden339READ
Remains of a Wall Painting at Jesus. By E. Clive Rouse340READ
Notes on some Rectors of Appleton, Berks.. By E. Kitson341READ
Silver Jubilee of the Oxfordshire County Records Office. By H. M. Walton345READ
Reviews. 347READ
Bibliography. 355READ
Index. 356READ

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