Volume 25 XXV (1960)

Contents. READ
List of Officers. READ
Excavations at Madmarston Camp, Swalcliffe, 1957-8. By P. J. Fowler1READ
Little Milton, the rebuilding of an Oxfordshire village. By D. Portman49READ
A lawsuit concerning Oriel quarry in 1609. By J. C. Cole64READ
The City of Oxford and the Restoration of 1660. By M. Toynbee73READ
Portraits of Sir Nathaniel Lloyd. By J. Guinness96READ
The parliamentary representation of the City of Oxford, 1754-1790. By J. Cannon102READ
Oxford colleges and some country parishes around Oxford in the early 18th century. By G. Lambrick109READ
Houses of the Oxford Region 1. Fisher Row, Oxford.. By W. A. Pantin121READ
Houses of the Oxford Region 2. Hordley Farm.. By W. A. Pantin126READ
Archaeological Notes. By H. Case and D. Sturdy131READ
Reviews. 137READ
Bibliography. 149READ
Index. 150READ

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