Volume 23 XXIII (1958)

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The Clarendon Hotel, Oxford. Part I. The Site.. By E. M. Jope1READ
The Clarendon Hotel, Oxford. Part II. The Buildings.. By W. A. Pantin84READ
Archaeological Notes. By H. Case130READ
A Late Belgic Burial at Watlington, Oxon.. By H. Case139READ
A Non-existent Link between the Oxford and Cricklade Mints. By R. H. M. Dolley142READ
The Three Kings and the University Arms. By W. O. Hassall143READ
Rewley Abbey. By D. Sturdy144READ
St. Mary Magdalen Church. By D. Sturdy144READ
Archaeology of Holton. By M. W. C. Hassall145READ
Bayworth-Sunningwell-Abingdon Canal. By N. H. Gooch145READ
Microfilm Strips. By W. O. Hassall146READ
Reviews. 147READ
Bibliography. 150READ
Index. 152READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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