Volume 22 XXII (1957)

Contents. READ
Contents. READ
Excavations at Lyneham Camp, Lyneham, Oxon. By N. Bayne1READ
Excavations at Callow Hill, Glympton and Stonesfield, Oxon. By N. Thomas11READ
The Hill of Abingdon. By M. Gelling54READ
Oxford Starrs. By C. Roth63READ
The Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Rising of 1549. By A. Vere Woodman78READ
An Account Book of an Oxford Undergraduate in the years 1619-1622. By H. V. F. Somerset85READ
A Proposed Re-foundation of St. Mary Hall. By I. G. Philip93READ
Letters of J. B. Malchair, the Eighteenth-Century Oxford Artist. By H. Minn98READ
Archaeological Notes. By H. Case104READ
A Fragment of Chain-Mail from the Romano-British Temple Site at Woodeaton. By E. M. Jope106READ
A Romanesque Seal-Matrix. By W. O. Hassall107READ
Addenda and Corrigenda to the Place Names of Oxfordshire (English Place-Name Society, XXIII, XXIV). By M. Gelling108READ
Local Wills. By W. O. Hassall110READ
Grand Compounders. By W. N. Hargreaves-Mawdsley110READ
The Commoner's Gown. By W. N. Hargreaves-Mawdsley111READ
Refacing of Houses in St. Michael's Street, Oxford. By P. S. Spokes111READ
Refacing of No. 41 St. Giles', Oxford. By P. S. Spokes112READ
Reviews. 113READ
Bibliography. 116READ
O. A. S. Report No. 92. 119READ
Index. 121READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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