Volume 2 II (1937)

Contents. READ
An Early Iron Age Site at Long Wittenham. By H. N. Savory1READ
A Prehistoric and Roman Site on Mount Farm, Dorchester. By J. N. L. Myres12READ
The Defences of Roman Dorchester. By A. H. A. Hogg and C. E. Stevens41READ
Excavations on Grim's Dyke, North Oxfordshire. By D. B. Harden74READ
A Local Collection of Coins from Tackley, Oxford. By J. G. Milne and C. H. V. Sutherland93READ
A Wolvercote Coin-Hoard of the Time of the Civil Wars. By C. H. V. Sutherland101READ
The Alien Priory of Minster Lovell. By A. J. Taylor103READ
The Anthropology of Mediaeval Oxford. By L. H. Dudley Buxton118READ
The Muniments of Corpus Christi College. By J. G. Milne129READ
Burford Bridge, Abingdon. By J. J. Leeming and H. E. Salter134READ
Oxford Army List for 1642-1646. By F. J. Varley141READ
River Navigation at Oxford during the Civil War and Commonwealth. By I. G. Philip152READ
Lining Papers from Corpus Christi College. By A. J. B. Wace166READ
The Recently Demolished Houses in Broad Street, Oxford. By W. A. Pantin171READ
Archaeological Notes. 201READ
The Kiddington Coin-Hoard. 203READ
Corrigenda. By H. E. Salter203READ
A Manuscript of Dorchester Abbey. By H. E. Salter204READ
Mural Paintings in Eynsham Church. By E. T. Long204READ
The Ruins of Beaumont Palace. By E. A. Greening Lamborn205READ
Further Notes on de Gomme's Plan of Oxford, 1644. By F. J. Varley207READ
The Sub-Committee for Old Houses. 208READ
Avebury. 209READ
'Bodleian Extension' Exhibition. 209READ
Oxfordshire 'Old Times' Exhibition. 209READ
Reviews. 210READ
Index. 213READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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