Volume 17 XVII-XVIII (1952-1953)

Contents. READ
Contents. READ
Mesolithic Finds in the Oxford Area. By H. Case1READ
Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berks, 1944-45. By R. J. C. Atkinson14READ
Excavations at Campsfield, Kidlington, Oxon, 1949. By A. G. Hunter and J. R. Kirk36READ
Three Early Saxon Graves from Dorchester, Oxon. By J. R. Kirk and E. T. Leeds36READ
Late Saxon Pits under Oxford Castle Mound: Excavations in 1952. By E. M. Jope77READ
Oxford Carpenters, 1370-1530. By E. A. Gee112READ
A Forgotten Gate to the Schools Quadrangle. By I. G. Philip185READ
The Merton College Coin Collection. By J. D. A. Thompson188READ
The Painting or Staining of Marble as Practised by William Byrd of Oxford and others. By J. C. Cole193READ
Oxford Buildings Criticized. By H. S. Goodhart-Rendel200READ
Archaeological Notes, 1952. By E. M. Jope216READ
Archaeological Notes, 1953. By H. Case and J. R. Kirk222READ
Two Lower Palaeolithic Finds. By H. Case228READ
Romano-British pottery from Sunningwell, Berks., 1952. By J. R. Kirk229READ
A Pottery Mould from Horsepath, Oxon.. By M. Hassall231READ
A Third Century Hoard of Roman Coins from Ewelme. By C. M. Kraay234READ
A Glass Bottle Neck from Cornbury Park. By D. B. Harden236READ
A Bronze Strap-end of c. A. D. 900 from Souldern, Oxon.. By R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford236READ
St. Peter-in-the-East, Oxford. By J. R. Kirk237READ
College Archives. By W. O. Hassall237READ
Stowood. By W. O. Hassall237READ
Reviews. 238READ
Bibliography. 252READ
OAS Report No. 88. 255READ
The Oxfordshire Archaeological Society, 1853-1953. By G. D. Parkes259READ
Archaeological Notes. 261READ
The Field-names of Enstone and Little Tew Parishes. By R. T. Lattey265READ
OAS Proceedings 1950, 1951,1952,1953. 267READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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