Volume 13 XIII (1948)

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Excavations in Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Berkshire, 1944. By A. Williams1READ
A Prehistoric and Roman Site at Wittenham Clumps, Berks. By P. P. Rhodes18READ
A Romano-British Pottery Kiln on Foxcombe Hill, Berks.. By F. Willett32READ
The Building of the Schools Quadrangle. By I. G. Philip39READ
The Building-stones of Blenheim Palace, Cornbury Park, Glympton Park and Heythrop House, Oxfordshire. By W. J. Arkell49READ
Port Meadow Races. By E. H. Cordeaux and D. H. Merry55READ
The National Grid. By R. J. C. Atkinson66READ
Archaeological Notes. By R. J. C. Atkinson66READ
Recent Mediaeval Finds in the Oxford Region. By E. M. Jope67READ
The Property of St. Mary Clerkenwell in the South Midlands. By W. O. Hassall73READ
St. Mary the Virgin Church, Oxford. By W. C. Walker74READ
A Fragment of Romano-British Sculpture from Lechlade. By M. V. Taylor76READ
Papists in early eighteenth-century Oxfordshire. By W. O. Hassall76READ
The Effigy of John Crocker at Exeter College. By J. T. Egg and F. Maddison82READ
The Mediaeval Records of the Corporation of Wallingford. By M. McKisack84READ
Reviews. 87READ
Bibliography. 96READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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