Volume 11 XI-XII (1946-1947)

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A Palaeolith from the Hanborough Terrace. By W. J. Arkell1READ
A Middle Bronze Age Barrow at Cassington, Oxon.. By R. J. C. Atkinson5READ
A Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Site on Standlake Downs, Oxon.. By D. N. Riley27READ
Excavations at Langford Downs, oxon. (near Lechlade) in 1943. By A. Williams44READ
Gloucester College. By W. A. Pantin65READ
The Chronology of Perpendicular Architecture in Oxford. By R. H. C. Davis75READ
The Family of Dormer in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. By M. Maclagan90READ
The Inventory of John English, B. C. L., Fellow of St. John's College. By W. C. Costin102READ
Charles I and the Perrots of Northleigh. By M. R. Toynbee132READ
Notes on some Christ Church Portraits, including one of Oriel and two of Pembroke College. By W. G. Hiscock147READ
A Manuscript History of Summertown. By H. Minn152READ
Archaeological Notes, 1946. By R. J. C. Atkinson and A. McKenzie162READ
Archaeological Notes, 1947. By R. J. C. Atkinson163READ
Recent Mediaeval finds in the Oxford District. By E. M. Jope and R. I. Threlfall165READ
The Treacher Collection of Middle Thames Palaeoliths. By W. J. Arkell171READ
More Palaeoliths from the Wallingford Fan-gravels. By W. J. Arkell173READ
Iron Age Pottery from Yarnton, Oxon.: further notes. By A. W. G. Lowther and J. S. P. Bradford175READ
A Ring-ditch at Long Hanborough, Oxon.. By D. B. Harden175READ
A Roman Altar from Bablock Hythe, Oxon.. By M. V. Taylor181READ
The Ancient Clock from Combe Church, Oxon. : a further note. By D. B. Harden181READ
The Centenary of the Buckinghamshire Architectural and Archaeological Society. By D. B. Harden182READ
Oxoniensia: volumes II-V. 183READ
Oxford Replanned. By D. B. Harden183READ
Reviews. 184READ
Bibliography. 193READ
List of Officers. Rear coverREAD

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