Oxoniensia is published annually. Subscriptions for a given year purchase the volume for that year, which is usually published in May of the following year. So for example the subscription for 2010 covers volume LXXV (2010) which will be published in May, 2011. This admittedly anachronistic nomenclature recalls the time when the volume represented the proceedings of the society for the year in question, though nowadays papers published in Oxoniensia have not normally been read to a meeting of the society in advance.

The society intends in future to publish volumes simultaneously in print and on this website. Access to the five most recent volumes will be restricted to subscribers, with older volumes being released under a Creative Commons licence.

Individual subscriptions

The annual cost of a subscription to Oxoniensia is £12. The cost includes all the other benefits of membership of the O.A.H.S. Details of how to join may be found on the O.A.H.S. website.

Institutional subscriptions

Institutions wishing to subscribe should contact the membership secretary:

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